College Football

Will New Helmet Rules Affect Football in the Longrun

Aug 16, 2018
The NFL’s Hall of Fame game against the Baltimore Ravens and the Chicago Bears saw the debut of a couple new helmet rules. The first: a player cannot lower his helmet to initiate contact. The second...

Student Union College Football Preview: Oregon Ducks

Aug 16, 2018
Oregon is known possibly as much for their uniforms as they are for their football. The “University of Nike” seemingly has a new uniform design every week, yet, in football they haven̵...

Preseason Props: Betting the Big Ten

Aug 16, 2018
At this time of the year, there’s not a lot of sports betting action to go around. But if you’re like me and gearing up for the college football season, I’m sure you’ve already...

Student Union CFB Preview: Utah

Aug 16, 2018
Kyle Whittingham has been one of the country’s most consistent coaches during his tenure at Utah. However, many are questioning when the division title is going to come. In 14 seasons as the hea...

Student Union CFB Preview: Arizona

Aug 15, 2018
After a strong season under Rich Rodriguez last year, Kevin Sumlin will come to Tuscon to try to keep the momentum going for the Wildcats. Sumlin will have a ton of weapons on the offense with the ele...

Student Union CFB Preview: UCLA Bruins

Aug 15, 2018
UCLA has had a very odd but productive offseason, with Jim Mora, Josh Rosen, and others leaving the team, while new faces such as Chip Kelly, Wilton Speight, and others have joined the team. The team ...

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College Basketball

Could Zion Williamson be a two sport athlete?

Aug 4, 2018
Everyone is freaking out about Zion Williamson being 285 pounds. This happened early this week when Duke listed their 2018-2019 roster. I love this;  basketball experts are thinking he is too heavy t...

Kansas subpoenaed — What does it mean?

Jul 11, 2018
Yahoo Sports — The University of Kansas tacitly acknowledged that it has been subpoenaed by the federal government in the ongoing federal basketball investigation, according to a recent response to ...

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