College Football

Top 5 Quarterbacks in the Big Ten

Jul 18, 2018
It’s shaping up to be a great year in the college football universe with the season right around the corner. As the Big Ten tries to make the leap to becoming the best conference in college foot...

Best Schools to Rebuild if NCAAF 19 Existed

Jul 16, 2018
The game that could have been. Knowing it’s been over five years since the last edition of NCAAF came out, I have lost some sleep. While the last edition doesn’t have the kind of graphics ...

Prospects that have left New Jersey

Jul 15, 2018
Hello guys, my name is Fur and this is my first article for Student Union Sports, so lets just get right into it. The other day I was on twitter and saw this tweet. I just watched my first college foo...

Teams We Missed Playing With in NCAA Football

Jul 13, 2018
Another anniversary of NCAA Football 14 has come and gone. The game turned 5 years old on July 9th, with it being the last iteration before the series was cancelled. NCAA 14 still lives on today, with...

Hokies Recruiting for Bright Future

Jul 9, 2018
Last season didn’t end exactly the way Virginia Tech had hoped it would, having to watch Miami go to the ACC Championship game and then losing to Oklahoma State in the Camping World Bowl. Not having...

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College Basketball

Kansas subpoenaed — What does it mean?

Jul 11, 2018
Yahoo Sports — The University of Kansas tacitly acknowledged that it has been subpoenaed by the federal government in the ongoing federal basketball investigation, according to a recent response to ...

Keeping Up with the Rivers

Jun 27, 2018
Some drama series’s write themselves and don’t require the fake excitement for television purposes. The Rivers Family drama is one that absolutely is real and happening from a sports fan&#...

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