Lilly Donahue

"I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany." - Ron Burgundy

Twitter: @LillyD11915

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Jim Weber

Favorite Athlete: Peyton Manning/Sean Taylor

Favorite Team: Washington Redskins

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: The College Football Playoff

Best tradition at your college: Everything about IU basketball

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: The Village Deli

Best class you’ve ever taken: National and International Policy

Big Ten West Preview

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University   Ahh, the Big Ten West. As the SEC East of the Big Ten, the division is a crapshoot when compared to its Eastern rival. Outside of Wisconsin, none of its members are often seen as Big Ten title contenders, much less national title ones. But every division deserves a […]

Secretary of State Jim Harbaugh

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Jim Harbaugh has always been known as a man of unconventional methods, and he’s taking those methods on a global tour. This week, Harbaugh and his University of Michigan football team are in Rome, Italy on what seems to be a spring practice-study abroad hybrid. Personally, I think this is […]

Mike Gundy’s Alternative Facts of College Football

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Mike Gundy, the head coach of Oklahoma State football, is quite a character. For starters, the man rocks a full-on mullet at age 49, something that is usually reserved for your dad’s mid-life crisis. Gundy is not in such a crisis, but he is college football’s wild child. In addition […]

Tom Crean Out at IU

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Today is a day that may IU fans are rejoicing, but for others, like myself, it is one of sadness. IU basketball coach Tom Crean was fired today after 9 years with the program. His record as a Hoosier stands at 166-135, a winning one. Crean leaves a legacy of […]

I Picked a Bracket by Each Team’s Mascot….It’s Not Looking Great

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Everyone has a fun idea on how to fill out their bracket, some do it by stats, others by colors, or even by hermit crab (see our twitter)! For my bracket in the Student U Group, I obviously made picks based off of merit, but I also decided to make […]

Instant Reaction: IU Elects Not to Host NIT Opener

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University On Selection Sunday IU basketball was, to no one’s surprise, selected to play in the NIT. As a reward for beating two NCAA tourney #1 seeds, the Hoosiers were given a 3 seed in the tournament, which also gives them the right to host their opening game against Georgie Tech. […]

East Tennessee State: Where IU Players Go to Dance?

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University With yesterday’s loss to Wisconsin in the Big Ten tournament, the IU men’s basketball team has all but guaranteed that they won’t be receiving an invite to the Big Dance. The season was full of highs, like beating UNC and Kansas, and lows (basically everything post-Anunoby injury), and the Hoosiers […]

Who’s Gonna Win the Island?

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Adidas announced that they will give an ISLAND to the NFL combine prospect who breaks Chris Johnson’s 40 yards dash record of 4.24 seconds. An island. To be fair, adidas did not specify where this island is, so it could very well be one of China’s newly created islands in […]

What if Power 5 Conferences Were Sorted Geographically?

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University If you’re anything like me, you probably find yourself constantly questioning why Maryland and Rutgers are in the Big Ten. Trust me, you’re not alone. Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney says the two teams were added to open up the DC and NYC sports markets, which I can understand for […]

#FireTomCrean? Maybe. #FireFredGlass? Hell No.

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University After a a last second loss to Minnesota, IU fans took to Twitter to make their usual case for the termination of Tom Crean, spurring the ever-present hashtag, #FireTomCrean. As an IU fan, I understand the frustration of having a season start with such high hopes, like wins over UNC […]

Give the UCONN Women Some Respect

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Tonight at 9PM the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team will play South Carolina in search of their 100th straight win. Let me say that again: 100. Straight. Wins. The record for the most consecutive wins is already held by the Huskies, but the chance to get triple digits is […]

What if College Athletics Had Jersey Sponsors?

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Recently, the NBA announced that it would begin selling ads on jerseys to interested corporations, and some teams have already sold their space. For many fans of traditional uniforms, this is a unwelcome change, as none of the four major sports leagues in the US feature jersey ads. Personally, I […]

Air Bud: 5 Star Recruit

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University If you’ve ever seen Air Bud: Golden Receiver you know that Buddy is a legit wide receiver, despite being a dog. Unlike Odell Beckham, Jr. in the post season, Buddy can consistently catch as football, so he’s already a leading WR in that category. Buddy plays with his owner, Josh, […]

2017-18 Florida Football: Fun in the Sun

The state of Florida has always provided two constants: wild headlines and good football. From the glory days of the U, to Tebow Time, to FSU’s recent dominance, the wackiest state in the USA has always had some great CFB. The 3 Power Five teams in the state have all had a turbulent past few […]

The Lineup: US Presidential Football Team

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University With our nation’s presidential inauguration on the horizon, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a starting lineup for a football team made up of US presidents. Some, like Gerald Ford, were no-brainers, but many presidents required some interesting justifications for their assigned positions. Not every president is included, but I […]

The Problem with Musburger and Mixon

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University During last night’s Sugar Bowl  matchup between Oklahoma and Auburn, ESPN announcer Brent Musburger elected to make an extremely controversial statement about Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon, who has been under fire after a video surfaced of him punching a woman in the face in 2014. Mixon broke the woman’s jaw […]

#CHAOSTEAM: IU Football Truly Embraces Its Role

After my shift ended at work today, I scrolled through my Twitter feed, and started seeing Kevin Wilson’s name all over my screen. At first I figured he said something funny/controversial, but then I realized some major shit had gone down in IU Athletics. My first reaction was shock, since Wilson has brought our program […]

Do Conference Titles Matter? Not Necessarily, But Head to Head Matchups Do

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University For the first time in the young College Football Playoff’s history, we have a major conflict. And, just like the first minor conflict, it’s all about conference titles. In the first year of the playoff, the Big 12 was left out of the playoff, and many speculated that this was […]

The Catwalk: Rivalry Trophy Edition

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University When I sat down to decide this week’s uniforms, I discovered that Week 12 was one of the most solid uniform weeks of the season! This was great for picking the best of the best (like FCS team JMU) but made my job of roasting ugly uniforms nearly impossible. So […]

The Catwalk: Week 11’s Best and Worst Looks

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Still trying to reconcile the results of last week’s election? Give yourself a break with this wild weekend of football! We saw #2, #3, and #4 all fall unexpectedly, while the winner of the 2016 election, President-Elect Saban, led his team on yet another conquest. Many teams made military tributes […]

The Catwalk: Week 10’s Best and Worst Uniforms

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Week 10 was overall a pretty tame week of college football, with all 5 undefeated teams leaving the week with their goose egg still intact. Even the biggest game of the week, Alabama v. LSU, ended up being a defensive slugfest that didn’t provide much entertainment. But there were some […]

The Catwalk: Week 9’s Best and Worst Uniforms

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University What a week! Upsets were everywhere, and now only 5 teams still have that pretty lil goose egg in their loss column. As an IUFB fan, I say boot Michigan out of the playoff in favor of PJ Fleck and his increasingly rapidly rowing boat, but that’s just me. Let’s […]

The Catwalk: The Best (and Worst) Uniforms of Week 8

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Another week, another assault on the eyes from a Michigan team (not BIG Michigan, mind you). We also saw some great uniforms in a somewhat lackluster week of CFB (except for the awesome PSU defeat of the evil empire!!!!!) Before I dive into this week’s top looks, let me remind […]

The Catwalk: Week 7’s Best and Worst Uniforms

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Week 7 was features quite a few wild games, including some top 25 shootouts. This week also featured a wide variety of uniforms, some worthy of the likes of Derek Zoolander, and others that might prompt Brick Tamland to ask “Where’d you get those pants, the toilet store?” First, some […]

Sneaky Good Game of the Week: (10) Nebraska at Indiana

Lilly Donahue | Indiana University 3:30 PM EST, ABC & ESPN2 This weekend offers a nice slate of games, including OSU @ Wisconsin, Ole Miss @ Arkansas, and Bama-Tennessee. But a lot of times these games are overhyped, and I wouldn’t be surprised if OSU and Bama pull away from their opponents, and I think […]

Lil’Looks: 8 Landing Spots for Blake Barnett

By Lilly Donahue | Indiana University When Blake Barnett got the starting nod for Alabama’s season opener against USC, Bama fans assumed he’d take the reins and lead the Tide to another title. But then Nick Saban realized that the Tide offense looked a bit too much like LSU (in that they only score field […]

Communications 101: Kevin Wilson

By Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Anyone who knows anything about Indiana football knows about our coach, Kevin Wilson. But if you, like most of America, are not a fan of IU football, then K-Willy may be as unfamiliar to you as success is to Purdue fans. Coach Wilson is known to be blunt, and […]

Photography 101: The 2015-16 Indiana Football Season

By Lilly Donahue | Indiana University Weeks 1-4 via GIPHY In Indiana’s first four games of the season, they pulled out close win after close win to start 4-0. After barely squeaking by Southern Illinois due to a failed 2-point conversion, we snuck out wins over Florida International, Western Kentucky, and Wake Forest, all of […]

Fashion 101: Indiana Football

By Lilly Donahue | Indiana University An IU football fan does not see much variety on the field. Each season begins with high expectations that fall quicker than an IU fan defending the firing of Bobby Knight. However, just as fans have seen a recent turnaround on the field (the kick was good), we have […]