Everyone is freaking out about Zion Williamson being 285 pounds. This happened early this week when Duke listed their 2018-2019 roster. I love this;  basketball experts are thinking he is too heavy to play basketball. We have seen plenty of players be over 300 pounds, so I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. Shaq played most of his career over 300 pounds, even though he was seven inches taller. Would Zion ever consider playing football though?

Here is a link to Duke’s 2018 Football Commits. Zion is actually larger then any of their offensive line prospects. I’m sure none of those guys are even nearly as athletic as Zion. Look how this kid dunks a ball, no offensive tackles coming to Duke are doing this.

There have been many successful tight ends in the NFL that played college basketball; Jimmy Graham, Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez all spent time on the hardwood. I’m sure you never heard that before right? I think it would be great if David Cutcliffe calls up Coach K and asks “Can we use that guy Zion for the redzone?” No corner is pressing a man the size of an offensive lineman. “Low man wins” is usually a correct term used in football, but not in this situation. I can already picture this man on Sunday scoring and just yamming on the goal post.

This is all just hypothetical. I love when sports analysts freak out over someone’s weight or height. Let the man live, clearly what he was doing was working for him. The best part is the supposed “EXPERTS” don’t know what his BMI is if we want to get technical here.  I’d love to see this kid at least try and put the pads on like Draymond Green.

Give me your thoughts people. Could Zion Williamson play college football with his size and athletic ability?

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Last thing, Zion has to rock a single digit number.



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