After a 3-1 day yesterday I feel really good going into this weekend. Duke is living on a prayer right now and that was the only loss of the day. We’re gonna keep marching into this weekend for another March Madness pay day.

Gonzaga (-5) vs Texas Tech

Texas Tech has been playing great basketball. They’ve shut down some really good teams but they have their toughest test yet tonight against the Zags. If Gonzaga can break through Texas Tech’s defense then they will be able to control the game and cover the points. I also like Gonzaga -2.5 at the half

Purdue vs. Virginia

Carson Edwards and the rest of the boilermakers are on a midnight train going anywhere. They just found out that their destination is Minneapolis because they are not only going to cover the points but they are going to win this game. They controled most of the Tennessee game and kept their cool when Tennessee took the lead. I think this Purdue team is going to challenge the Cavaliers tonight and it will be a very good game. But I do like Virginia -2 at the half.

Keep riding with me and we will be rich by the end of this tournament. 2 more games and then the final four next weekend. Let’s keep riding through March Madness.

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