Twitter can be both a great place and a dirty cesspool at the same time. There are some great follows, users who have great takes and a true understanding of the sport they cover. But then you’ve got some who are lazy, predictable and uneducated…Popularly known as trolls. Today I will just be listing a few of the worst kinds of people on Sports Twitter.

Delusional Fan Base

I think we all know dozens of fan bases that would qualify for this category. Right now where we are in the peak of the off season as most sports–except baseball–are in the off season, so this is where we will get the worst of it. A few examples would be like the Lakers thinking they were going to get Kawhi, Lebron, and Paul George. You got most fan bases in the NFL thinking they hit on all of their draft picks, signed all the right pieces, and are ready for their Super Bowl run. Then for college, every team signed a great class, every 3-star is a “hidden gem”, and they have a favorable schedule so they can maybe sneak in the CFP–or at the very least a 10-win season. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your favorite team will probably not win 10 games, nor will they come close to the CFP. Sorry fans of: Florida, Florida State, Texas, Michigan, and LSU, but your teams are still irrelevant, and if they do become relevant it will be a surprise for good reason.

“Lost Cause Of The Refs” Guy

I am not going to say I have never done this before, but usually that’s in the heat of the moment and it rarely ever happens. Because I know that blaming the loss on the refs is one of the worst excuses in the book. Yet, there are some people who truly believe that not only was the game lost because of the refs, but they lost because it was rigged for them to lose. I get that refs give favorable calls to certain teams/players with elite status, but to blame a loss solely on the refs is just lame, and I suggest you stay away from those people, because they probably think the Earth is flat too. Show me a close game that was decided by a bad call, and I will show you an entire game full mistakes that led to the call. How about suck it up and take the L. Much easier to move on from.

“Transitive Property” Guy

Oh lord. Definitely in discussion for one of the worst kinds of people on Sports Twitter. The ol’ “We beat team x who beat team y, therefore we are better than team y” garbage. I think you all know who I am referring to, but it has been going on for as long as sports debating has existed. It has–and always will–drive me insane. Because the simple flaw in this stupid argument is you can all the way to where one of the worst teams in the league should be champions using this concept. This is why going into hypotheticals is a rarity for me, as you are pretty much stating an opinion only with no actual proof.

Inside Source: Random Twitter Guy

This is probably worst with college sports. Every time a team shows interest in a guy at head coach, the next day you’ll see a random twitter troll saying “it’s confirmed” that they will be the next head coach. If you want to do the world a favor just report that person to the FBI. Same goes with recruits. Every “insider” has a “source” saying that player x is a “lock” to whatever college they troll for. The reason why they do this is pretty simple. They just want to become whores for retweets and likes. Not only are those people one of the worst of sport, but Twitter in general. People who do things like this probably don’t have many friends, so it’s important to stay active and help a person in need if they do this.

Fan Recruiting Twitter

I really wish I had been a Division-I athlete. But this part makes me glad I wasn’t. I find very irritating that 18 year olds get so much spotlight because they whipped the local high school talent. But it doesn’t help when hundreds of weird fans retweet and like every tweet and reply with the following:

  • You’d look good in a [insert favorite team] uniform
  • Go [insert favorite team]
  • A future star
  • We’d love to have you on our team
  • The next [insert great player that went to your favorite college]
  • [insert team emoji]

Of course there are more. The point is that 18 year olds don’t want a bunch of people strangers–especially those who are way older–commenting on every post. They also don’t need those same people commenting a bunch of hate just because he committed to a different school. It’s sad. Just let the kid enjoy his recruitment in peace. Don’t be “that guy”.

Overly Optimistic/Pessimistic guy

This is kind of similar to the delusional fans, but also different. This is the guy who’s opinion changes like the wind. At the beginning of the season they feel like their team can have a great season and what not. However, by week three when their team is 1-2 or 2-1 (with a bad loss) then all of a sudden their favorite team is trash and everyone should be fired and have to start over. Another example of this kind of individual where if their team goes anywhere from 9-3 to 11-1 and they don’t win their bowl game then the entire season was waste. Where no matter who they are or what conference they are in, if they lose, they are trash and the teams they beat in the regular season are trash and can’t compete with anybody outside the conference. The final common scenario of a overly optimistic/pessimistic guy is that guy when they hire someone it was a “great hire” and that the coach will bring them back to relevancy and is going to win them championships. Then after two seasons, if they haven’t won a championship or at the very least had an 11 win season, they should be fired. Doesn’t matter how bad the team was when that guy got there, it doesn’t matter who they have to play/recruit against, it doesn’t matter if there were injuries or not. If you don’t win immediately, you need to be fired because overnight success happens literally all the time in sports.

Stats Guy

This is the worst of them. These guys are the Nick Wrights of sports twitter because all they know is stats. I would like to say stats are obviously very important when it comes to sports and are the second most important factor when discussing. The most important thing? Actually watching the game. The reason is–unlike stats–film doesn’t lie. You can’t twist or manipulate like I have seen people do with stats. I have learned that people who’s primary arguments is stats and not film, are at the very least lazy when discussing sports and at worst know-nothings. Because there are so many factors that you can’t see on a stat sheet, but can easily see it if you watch the game. As for advanced stats, it’s 99% bullshit. If you want to be respected as a sports mind, bring up the actual game first, then stats.


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