Hello folks, I am currently on vacation in the Mountains of Big Bear (my old hometown) and camping out. As the #Blogger I am, while sitting around the campfire and just twiddling my thumbs, I have decided I’m gonna do a lil good ole’ fireside chat. Yes, the Radio broadcast that President FDR did to millions across the radio, I will be doing to (if I’m lucky) hundreds of you. Now, this is just gonna be me spitting some of my takes  on stuff going on right now while I sit next to this roaring fire, just chilling, grinding out this article on my iPhone and getting eaten alive my mosquitos :


Now, as a Lakers fan, I am in love with the thought of this. Having to suffer through the days of constant losses and no-name European Centers come in and play have crushed my soul. But my god there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and the flashlight is being held up by the Wine Glasses welding Lebron James…

HOWEVER, I have two reasons why I am not excited if LAbron comes true:

  1.  The Band Wagon Fan (Looking at you Anthony)

This statement was summed up by this tweet I saw earlier today. Yes, the Lakers gained a lot of fans during the Kobe days, but they have mostly been weeded out with the crappy past season and are now Warrior’s fans. But we have the Bronosexuals who would follow Lebron if he decided to take his talents to Lithuania and play with trash ass Gelo and Melo. It will cause twitter wars, which in NBA Twitter, you tread carefully, questioning of legit fans, and most of all, the Lebron vs MJ (and Kobe) GOAT fights.

2. When (not if, but when) He Wins A Championship

Will it happen immediately? No. Do I think it will happen? Hell yes. Will chaos reign in the streets of LA as well as Social Media? You bet it. Now you see why I’m fearful of the beautiful ring coming back to LA.

The World Cup:

I have gone on record many times that I am, indeed, and Anti-Soccer guy (Listen to Season 2 Episode 1 of The WalkOns) and will stand by this take until I die. It is the most hyped sport in the world, and if you’re name happens to not be Hope Solo, is a HUGE international sport. But for like 3 countries in the world (USA, Canada, and more than likely China), it is the most boring sport to spend 90+ minutes watching. The weird rules (what the actual hell is Offsides), player who flop more than the fish I caught earlier (or Lebron) and the amount of time that is spent just watching people run back and forth until you happen to kick the ball into the net.

Lets also not forget that you can end the game in a Tie and they will sometimes go into a shootout? Anyways, if it’s a way to help tie people over until REAL Football season, then good for them but I’ll still be watching my Baseball and fair share of old college football highlights on YouTube.

College World Series:

Let me start this off my saying Congrats to Oregon State for winning the CWS, they are a helluva team and made the series amazing to watch (you did as well Arkansas). But, my thoughts aren’t on the game or the championship, but two things specifically:

1. The Kid fiddler on OSU

2. Arkansas dropping that pop-up winning hit

With the kid fiddler, who in the absolute hell allowed him to still play in the series, let alone in the damn team? If no one from OSU wanted to step on, why didn’t the NCAA focus on this absolute piece of shit playing instead of suspending kids for taking free food or shirts? It’s just another reason why I hate the NCAA and want to see them fail.

And about the Easy Out that the good ole’ boys from Pig Suey dropped…

What The Hell Happened?

I could have EASILY caught that ball from the Minor League Middle School baseball days, and yet you’re gonna drop it on National TV and in front of a sea of Arkansas fans? You kidding me? Still, it was a helluva series and shows how Baseball can sometimes be exciting to watch.

Night 2 Update:

I have gotten eaten alive by mosquitoes. I am starting to look like Kill-monger from Black Panther:

But the blog must carry on…

Lane Kiffin Slander:

WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Coming after #MyPresident like that? Well, all of us here at SU look up at Lane as a father, so some of us we not very happy with this…

Bring it on “12upSports”, you mess with the Owl’s and you’ll be wondering “Hoo” kicked your ass.

Summer Ball Starting:

We are so, so close to the CFB season starting. 62 days remaining in this hell of the off-season we’ve been having. so to trigger some people, I’m going to give my top 5 Spicy takes going into this season (TRIGGER WARNING):

5. PAC-12 will not have a single team ranked at the end of the season

While is a shot in the dark, the PAC-12 is terrible at football. However, if there is a chance that they do become ranked, it can be either this season with a “Strong” USC/UCLA teams (or even possibly Stanford) or next season with some more teams getting the cobwebs off of the gears.

4. The Heisman will NOT go to a QB this year

QB’s heavily dominate the Heisman trophy, and while there may be some big name Gunslinger’s on the field this season, the RB’s will be getting most of hype. “But Jake Fromm and…” shut the hell up. Fromm might not even start with Justin Field’s incoming and with other big name players like Ed Oliver or Bryce Love, it will be a wide open race as the season opens.

3. The SEC will be Overtaken as the most dominant Conference

SEC has been carried over the past few years by Bama, Auburn, or LSU, but that all will come to an end this season. Bama will still be dominant, but out of the other teams down south, they aren’t fairly impressive. AU has lost players, A&M, MSU, Florida all will have new coaches, and other teams are just downright mediocre.

2. Kyler Murray will have a terrible season

I wrote a little bit about his situation a while ago and on what he should do. Well, he decided to sign with the A’s and continue to play ball for the Sooner’s. However, with the constant pressure from OU, the A’s, and the media, Kyler will crack under the pressure and plateau this season with mediocre numbers. Will this happen? Hell no, but it’s a hell of a hot take.

1. Bama will NOT repeat as Champions

Bama is an amazing team, recruiting 15 year olds who look like they  were bottle fed protein powder and have never eaten a single donut in their lives. However, with some Tua vs Jalen Hurt’s drama and other teams (Georgia, OU, etc.) still looking as strong as ever, it will be interesting to see if Bama will still keep rollin’ or hit a speed bump and more than likely lose to Auburn again.

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