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“Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…” -Eminem

That’s right, America’s favorite coach Tom Crean is back in the college basketball world. On the first day of March Madness, with a buzzer beater from an underdog, big name teams struggling early in games, and the NCAA not allowing the Butler mascot into their game, this has taken the top priority. As first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski, Tom Crean has finalized an agreement to become the next coach of the Georgia Bulldogs:

This is the best news ever. Tom Crean bringing his talents to the SEC is going to magical in every way. Now, Georgia fans do not have the same feeling as the rest of the country for a number or reasons. Some believe that this is going to bring the exact same results as their last coach, Mark Fox, who was fired earlier this week shortly following the Bulldogs’ loss against Kentucky  in the SEC Championship and a 18-15 season. (7-11 in SEC play). Fans are also skeptical about the recruiting, which Crean had become known to be terrible at during his seasons at Indiana.

One of the best things about this news is the timing. Last year, just as the Round of 64 was about to to tip-off on a Thursday, Tom Crean was fired. One year later, after working at ESPN as an analyst for the season, he has agreed to become UGA’s new coach on the same exact day.

With Crean heading for Athens, the SEC has now just became even more exciting. Obviously you have the teams like Kentucky, A&M, and Florida who are expected to succeed, but with teams like Auburn and Tennessee joining the fold this year, it will be interesting to see how Crean can excel at Georgia in year one. Anything better than an 11th place finish in the SEC will be an improvement, so he shouldn’t be chased out with pitchforks and torches after one season. But the long-term success in the SEC is a toss-up. If he can get a grasp on recruiting and bring in some big names, he can succeed in this challenging conference. HOWEVER, now that Crean is at the helm of the Bulldogs, this means one thing: we get Crean vs Calipari every year. Give us all the finger guns Crean…

So, let Paul Finebaum talk all the crap he want’s, and let the Bulldog fan’s hoot and holler. We have America’s favorite dad back in the game and the SEC has just became even more electric. And may we hope that year in and out, we get the Crean vs Caliapri game like this one back in 2011:

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