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The NC State WolfPack, the team in the ACC who you can’t hate, but you also can’t love. Last season, this team had the power to jump ahead of the pack in the ACC and make some noise around the nation. But, in three of their 4 losses, they loss by 7 or fewer points. What should have been a break out season up in North Carolina (not the Tarheels, this isn’t Basketball season) looked more like a running through the motions in their last season with the power house DE Bradley Chubb.

Prestige Ranking (aka if NCAA ’19 existed): 4 (we argued in our slack about the rankings for 30 minutes so I said 4, but it could be a 3.5-4)

NC State hasn’t had any big season in the past few years, but with players like Philip Rivers, Russell Wilson, and Jacoby Brisset all have had their fair share of an imprint on the university.

Last Years Record: 9-4 (6-2 in ACC play)

Projected Returning Starters:
Offense: 6

QB Ryan Finely,RB Kelvin Harmon, WR Jakobi Meyers, WR Stephen Louis, OL Tackle Tyler, OL Garrett Bradbury.

The main center piece of this offense is going to be molded around Ryan Finely, one of the best returning QB’s in the conference and the nation. If he is able to rally up the new players in this offense and continue his success, don’t be surprised to see Finely as a Darkhorse Heisman candidate or jumping up the draft boards for the NFL.


Defense: 4

DE Darian Roseboro, DT Eurndraus Bryant, S Tim Kidd-Glass, S Jaruis Morehead

The big hole that will be in this defense will spawn from the absence of Bradley Chubb, the top Pass Rusher of last season. And with a number of other positions that will be empty, this defense will have their work set out for them.


Special Teams: 2

P AJ Cole III, PK Kyle Bambard

Both returning ST player’s had average stats on the year, with AJ averaging around 45 yards per punt and with Kyle Bambard only missing 5 FG attempts on the year.

Best Name Award: A.J Cole III. Who knew that the North Carolina Rapper J. Cole had a BOOM stick of a leg to make the NC State team.

Five Year Recruiting Rank (Bill Connelly): 32

With the ACC being such a tight conference, recruiting can be difficult and always a race to see who can grab the big 5 star recruits. That being said, being ranked 32nd out of the whole country is impressive for NC State, and if they can get the pieces to fall into place, they can have a shot in a few years as ACC Champs.

Outlook: NC State is going to have a rocky start to the season due to all of the new players that will have to be plugged into the team. This being said, with the hype and excitement surrounded by Ryan Finely and this offense, the WolfPack can make some noise this season and are possible dark horses in the ACC.

Alcohol for the Season: Good Ole’ JD Honey… Could be Bitter, or Could be sweet, it just depends what happens.


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