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If you’ve been paying any attention to the MLB Draft (which literally 3 people in the world I think actually watch past the 1st pick), then you heard a very interesting name drafted by the Oakland A’s:

This is not the first time that a college football player has been chosen in the MLB draft. Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, even Johnny F***ing Football was selected by the Padres a few years back. We have also had MLB players go back to college, such as Branden Weeden. But this is a special circumstance…

Kyler Murray is a Redshirt Junior who is 99.9999% going to be the starter for the Sooners come fall. He is the heir of Baker Mayfield aka Baker Magic aka #1 Overall Pick aka “Go watch Basketball” and lead the Sooners back into the Playoffs this upcoming season. So, with all of the talk and confusion of his situation, I’ve decided to make a more serious (I know, shocking) and informative piece in what exactly is happening and in my PERSONAL OPINION, what he should do.


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Kyler is still enrolled at Oklahoma University and still a QB for the team. He has been the back-up for Baker since he left A&M and sat out a year per NCAA regulations. So, with Baker leaving the opening at play caller, he is the man to snag the job and tear up the Big 12 “defenses”. With his small sample size of play at both A&M and OU, he has shown that he can ball. Standing at 5’11, he isn’t the tallest to ever grace the scene, but that hasn’t stopped him. He can easily keep OU on the road to glory and continue to excel in Coach Riley’s system. 

Now, he is only a Redshirt Junior, so he still has some time left in the College scene. However, this hasn’t stopped the good ole’ scouts from still trying to call him either first round talent, a “mediocre” middle round QB, or a UDFA (Undrafted Free Agent). With 4.5 speed and a cannon of a right arm, he can go as a top QB in the upcoming NFL drafts, but if he chooses this route, the A’s will pull the current contract and he could be drafted again, but lower this time.


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Kyler doesn’t just succeed on the gridiron. He was a stud at Baseball back in high school, and when he attended Texas A&M, he decided to focus on Football to win the Starting QB position, but ended transferring to OU and played both Baseball and Football. When he wasn’t running and gunning the pigskin, he was pimping dinger’s and stealing bases (as well as Oklahoma girls’ hearts).

Once the MLB draft was coming up, and Murray’s name was a dominant force to be a first-round pick. This was a problem, however, with him still attending OU and wanting to play football.

Low and behold, the Oakland Athletics selected him, and with it, came all of the speculations. Would he drop out of school to go play baseball and make millions, or stay at college and test his luck in the NFL?

Well, he can hire a baseball agent to negotiate deals and such. And in a loophole by the NCAA, you can earn money from one sport and still be considered an amateur for NCAA football. But how dare you even think about taking that free hat or lunch from a booster.

The Athletics still offered him a contract and guaranteed him a spot even if he chose to stay at college for a year to play football. They decided to do this with the hope that he would join the team after this upcoming season and stick with baseball over football. The slot allotment for being taken at number nine is 4.7 million dollars, which means he would make more money than his coach, Lincoln Riley, during OU’s 2018 campaign.

My Opinion:

He will have a much more successful career in baseball than he will in the NFL. Yes, height doesn’t matter in the NFL anymore and the QB is being transformed more and more into a throwing running back. However, with this contract and opportunity on the table from the A’s, I have only one thing to say to Kyler Murray:

Will he great at OU this year? Hell yes.

Can he make it to the NFL? Yes he can

But like I stated earlier, it is just my opinion on the topic, and the decision that he makes will affect his life. So, when he does make his decision, respect it as either an OU fan or an A’s fan, and let the young buck do what he loves most, play ball.



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