Now, as a diehard sports fan, I love Selection Sunday. Seeing my teams get seeded and crying at the thought of them losing on national TV….Talking crap to friends because “their bum ass team wont be a Mid Major School.” But most importantly because it means that… MARCH MADNESS IS FINALLY HERE!

But boy oh boy, TBS has really screwed it up. It was announced earlier this week that they would be having a 2 hour selection show, which is fine and dandy. Show us the teams, the regions and then they talk about it for a long time. Okay that’s fine. BUT a 4 hour pre show is absolutely POINTLESS. How are you going to talk about Auto-Bids like they are the Last 4 in teams? Or how they will drool over Oklahoma for an hour but just give a solid 2 minutes to the Mid Majors? Before the show has even begun, it was garbage… and then the show itself started up….

The show started off with our boys Greg and EJ standing on what looked like the damn stage at the Oscar’s. AND they had a Live Audience? Why the hell do you need 200 random people to release a bracket beats me, but they got very annoying booing and cheering for teams. I’m pretty sure they were in different area codes standing across stage. Then, to add onto this dumpster fire, the audio and video were not synced at all, so the first 10 minutes of the show looked like a horrible dub of a Bruce Li movie. Now, we all expected something dumb to come out of Ernie’s mouth, and of course it was a joke about the distance from Greg on stage. Typical dad joke.

Now, Who in their right mind went “Hey, let’s let the die-hard fans know who the Auto-Bids are as if they haven’t already come up with millions of predictions about them.” Oh, and they did this in Alphabetical order….. and gave minor input about every team. It. Was. Horrible.

After that recap, they finally showed off the regions with everyone’s favorite analysts helping out. Seth Davis (Sharpie Guy), Greg, Ernie, and Kenny The Jet Smith and Charles Barkley. Yes, the NBA on TNT guys. The “We will act like we have watched every team but in reality I’m only here for a paycheck” Analyst.

The brackets were shown, dumb comments were made, and then I checked the time. It had only been 35 minutes. They still had another 1:25 to kill. Insert the dumb interviews, awkward live views of the teams who know that the 1 seed will destroy them. And most of all, the predictions. My God the horrible Predictions. You’d guess that a 5 year old would fill out a bracket better than these clowns.

I feel like this is the mood of Baylor/St.Mary/USC/Middle Tennessee:


Now, a 4 hour pre show already had people all wound up on the inside. And boy did twitter let TBS have it. As I’m typing this, the show is still going and I’ll be completely honest, I stopped watching after the bracket was released. Its pointless. Our Slack messages had some very “Kind” words for TBS about the show and how we believe that a 8th grade Drama class could run a better show. Here’s to next year, when the selection show is a 24-Hour Marathon and TBS has Brad Pitt and John Madden break down the bracket.

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