Why hello, I know you’re not used to seeing me write on a Thursday unless it’s a TBTQB (I have been lagging on them, but they will be coming out soon) but yet here we are. So, when I woke up and was catching up on our Slack chat this morning, our Bossman Brandon asked all of us a music question:

After seeing all of our answer’s and a few of us mentioning old songs from our childhood’s, I used the only power I have in the SU World (CEO Of Friday Fire, also Leader of Morale but I made the title up) and dropped a big one on the fellas:

  1. Friday Fire this week will be Thursday Throwbacks
  2. 2-3 songs and a lil bit why (No one really did this)
  3. The songs have to be 10 years or older

So, on this Thursday we are gonna bring you all around 4-5 songs (I changed my mind after seeing how many songs were being put and then one’s being left out). So, without further to do, here is out Thursday Throwback’s:


Africa – Toto / Beautiful Soul – Jesse McCartney / Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins / Heaven – Bryan Adams / Summer of 69’ – Bryan Adams / Whatcha Say – Jason Derulo  

Strong collection of songs from Franklin here. He has Africa (which I think every person wanted to add) and Danger Zone, so Middle School me is in love. Also, Summer of ’69 (nice) is an all time great.


Runaway Sue – Dion / Rosanna by Toto / My Boo – Usher / Must Of Got Lost – J. Gelis Band 

The reason why I expanded this to over 2 songs is because Chad decided to drop a Debut album of Throwback’s when I first pitched the idea, so thank him for the 3 1/2 hour playlist. None the less, Chad brings his A-Game with these songs and comes in with a Hot Take saying Rosanna is the best Toto song. (Feel free to @ him on Twitter)



Fearless – Pink Floyd / What Is And What Should Never Be – Led Zepplin / Bitch – Rolling Stones / Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers / Simple Man – Lynyrd Sknyrd / Replay – Ibaz

Great selections of songs from Perry. Pink Floyd will always be amazing and some more old school Rock N’ Roll? Sign me up i’m all in on this section of the playlist.


Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran / Juke Box Hero – Foreigner / Seven Bridges Road – Eagles / Black Water – Doobie Bros / Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon / Jack And Diane – John Mellencamp 

Patty and Me have a very special relationship with music in the slack. I once mentioned the Intro Theme to Band Of Brother’s and he sent me 2 videos of him listening to it while driving. Then, earlier today we mentioned Take Me Home, Country Road and Patty send’s this:

So, Patty of course comes in STRONG with some Banger’s with Hungry Like The Wolf (Always could never sing this song on Band Hero) or Juke Box Hero. A true 80’s man stuck in 2018.


Jungle Love – Steve Miller Band / Fool in The Rain – Zeppelin / Do You Feel Like We Do – Peter Frampton / Can You Hear Me Knocking – Rolling Stones / Peace of Mind – Boston

Boss-man was alive during the 80’s (aka like 2 year’s if my math is right) but the 90’s rock was definitely a great choice to include. Plus, after slapping his 5 down, he was trying to persuade us to all put songs he likes and wanted as our. SMH.


Africa by Toto / Buy You A Drank – T-Pain

JJ was beat to the punch for Africa and never chose any other songs, but Buy You a Drank is a legendary song by T-Pain, will make any Shawty want you immediately.


We are the World – USA for Africa / American Pie – Dan McLean 

I remember when We Are The World was redone for Haiti, but I never knew until recently that there was an original, and I have to say it is miles better than the newer one. And American Pie is a Top 10 song of mine, and Fun Fact (learned this in AP US History) was a tribute to Buddy Holiday, Richie Valens, and “The Big Bopper” aka The Day That Music Died. Still an amazing song.


Colt 45 -Afroman  / Fat Bottomed Girls -Queen

I remember singing this song in Middle school and not having a clue what it was about until I hit high school and a Senior when I was a tiny freshman explained it to me during a football practice. And Queen you can never go wrong with, especially this song.


Highway to Hell – ACDC / Take Me Home, Country Road – John Denver / Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen / I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash / If We Ever Meet Again – Timberland and Katy Perry / Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega

These are all the song’s that remind me of Middle School, coming home from school or football/basketball/baseball practice and I’d sit down in my living room and play either Modern Warfare 2 or NCAA Football. Much more happy and Simpler times where the only worries I had is if I wanted Pizza or Orange Chicken for Lunch at school.





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