There has to be some conspiracy here to not fire coaches until the end of the season, because there are four coaches on my hot seat right now that should be out of a job and the fact they aren’t already is a crime. Everyone agrees they should be fired, so I’m just going to go through who they have left on their schedule before they get fired at the end of the year. The first two tiers of coaches are definitely going to get fired at the end of the year, and the last tier is fighting for confidence going into next year.

Tier 1: Championship of Life Tier

First up, on our first tier, is our main man Butch Jones. Butch’s squad pulled out a win over mighty mighty Southern Miss this week by two touchdowns. Now Butch goes back into SEC play, finishing the year against LSU, a surging Missouri team, and finally Vanderbilt before Butch loses his job. Looking forward, I doubt he will find another head coaching job to move to, so he will likely be looking for a career move. We will see how long the Butch Jones-Tennessee saga continues. Bring in Joey Freshwater.

Second up in tier 1, and soon to be fired, is Nebraska coach Mike Riley. Nebraska lost this week to a pretty good Northwestern squad in what was possibly a final surge by Mike Riley to keep his job, but coming up short could have cost him it for good. They have a game this week against Minnesota, a possible win, before finishing up with Penn State and an Iowa team coming off an absolute thrashing of Ohio State. Mike Riley’s team will almost assuredly not make a bowl and Riley’s Nebraska tenure will come to an end with a loss to Iowa.

Tier 2: Score Touchdowns Tier

First up in this tier is Arkansas coach Bret Bielema. Similar to Butch Jones, it’s an absolute catastrophe that he still has a job right now. Last week the Razorbacks almost lost to Coastal Carolina at home…. COASTAL CAROLINA. They currently sit at 4-5 overall, with games remaining against LSU, Mississippi State, and Missouri. The first 2 are almost guaranteed losses, and with Missouri surging right now, it’s very possible they will be an underdog in all 3 games. It is very very unlikely Arkansas will make a bowl and Bret should finish his tenure with 3 straight losses and a lack of qualification for bowl season, at least he has a hot wife.

The last of the coaches almost guaranteed to be fired is UCLA coach Jim Mora. There seems to be a common theme here as UCLA too sits at 4-5 on the year. However, of these teams, UCLA has the best chance to make a bowl game. They finish up the season with three games, two of which they have a decent to good shot of winning. Arizona State and Cal are left on their schedule, both of whom are good, but not great teams, and the third game is a USC squad that is ranked and making a last ditch surge to the playoffs. We might see Jim Mora for a bowl game, but we will assuredly not see him on UCLA sidelines next year.

Tier 3: Leadership Reps Tier

These 2 coaches are young and likely to keep their jobs, but will need to keep some confidence to carry into next year if they wanna be safe and off of the hot seat next year. First up is Missouri coach Barry Odom. As I have mentioned multiple times, Odom’s Missouri squad is on a roll lately, hoping to make it to a bowl game. Missouri, like everyone else here, sits at 4-5 on the year, but Missouri has won three straight and also has three winnable games left on their schedule, in games against Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas. If Barry Odom get into a bowl game this year, that could help recruiting and Missouri could wind up having a good season next year.

The last coach is Rutgers coach Chris Ash. Ash’s team sits at 4-5, which is seemingly the death record for college football coaches. Ash will be Rutgers’ coach next season, but the question is how much momentum they will carry into next year. Of the 3 games left, 2 of them are against ranked opponents, Penn State and Michigan State, and squeezed in between those 2 games is a game at Indiana. The game against Indiana will go a long way towards determining final standings in the Big Ten East. These standings mean absolutely nothing to anyone except those in the Big Ten East. If Rutgers can finish 5th, just behind the big four in that division, but ahead of Indiana and Maryland, it would go a long way towards helping Ash get off the hot seat next year.

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