On this episode of the desert hot takes Austin Montgomery and Jacob Allen discuss the Pac-12 football conference and the growth of college hockey in the western United States. The podcast begins with a recap of ASU’s upset over Washington (1:00-3:05). The boys then move talking about quarterback Khalil Tate and whether Josh Rosen has taken a step back(3:05-5:00). Then the podcast discusses Kyle Whittingham’s decision to go for 2 at the end of Utah and USC game (6:00-7:00). The boys discuss the PAC-12 position going into the playoffs (7:00-10:00). After breaking down the PAC-12’s unlikely playoff chances, the boys decide that the Trojans are the team of destiny. Austin does a quick breakdown of the USC vs Notre Dame game (11:00-16:00). Following the USC breakdown, the boys introduce a new segment called “Third-Line Grinders”, talking about College Hockey led by Jacob Allen (16:00-23:00). Austin ends the show with his gambling picks of the week.

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