We finally got a podcast on our favorite college basketball, the GCU Antelopes. Austin Montgomery talks with mid major basketball reporter Johsua Lovern to preview the Lopes 2017-2018 season, and their first year of postseason eligibility.

The podcast was recorded on friday November 10, before the Lopes first game*. 

The podcast begins with the overall growth of GCU including impact of Dan Majerle, and the Havocs. (1:00-10:00). Moving forward, the boys talk about emerging buzz about GCU among the college basketball world and possible scheduling conflicts (11:00-19:00) Clear note: *Information correction at 14:00, Saint Mary bought out GCU for 100k not 500k. Just to clarify all information. Podcast breaks down the rosters talking about a healthy Josh Braun and the emergence of Casey Benson (35:00). The boys then breakdown the big games on the Lope’s schedule (36:00-44:00). Lovern later does a quick preview of the WAC 44:00-60:01). Then the boys shoutout the women’s basketball program and their new regime. Giving a shoutout preview of the Lady Lopes matchup with Duke. 60:01-65:00) The boys then give their over/under predictions for the season.

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