Here at Student Union, our hockey crew has decided definitively that club hockey IS college hockey. One of the many factors that makes club hockey fun is the uniforms, especially for schools without a Division I program who can get creative with their designs. Many of these concepts come from Rebirth Sports, who was featured in Sports Illustrated last year for churning out so many gorgeous club uniforms. So shoutout to them, and the schools below for these sweet sweaters.


If you hate the Oregon football uniform shtick, maybe you won’t like these. But cmon, this is an incredible look. Highlighter green is usually tough to pull off, but if anyone can do it, Oregon can. These are simple in that they stick to the color scheme perfectly. The Oregon duck is an iconic mascot, for weirdly running out of the tunnel during the CFP a few years back among other reasons, and the front logo puts it front and center. If you check out their website, the team has some other sweet jerseys as well. What a shocker. But really, these are A+.


To be honest I’ve always been a bit weirded out by both the TCU Horned Frog mascot and the weird hand signal that their fans throw up. But this jersey does a great job of showing how bad-ass looking horned frogs actually are. Never seen one in the wild, but I’d be pretty spooked if the thing on that jersey rolled up on me. Again, purple is another color that isn’t easy to pull off, but these are prime.


These are bound to be a little polarizing based on the reaction to release of the football team’s similar uniforms a few years ago. But I’m on record as being a huge state flag uniform guy. If you’re the “University of (insert state),” unapologetically rock a state flag uniform all you want. The goalie pads here are one of a kind and they’re so pretty I’d feel bad marking them up with pucks.


These have a bit of a retro feel to them, which I’m always up for. I also believe firmly that Auburn has some of the best uniforms in college football. Blue and orange almost always look good on jerseys and there’s something about the tough-looking animal logo from like 50 years ago that makes for outstanding throwbacks. Whoever is pictured here also has textbook flow out of his missing ear piece, which really rounds out the club hockey aesthetic nicely.

Honorable mentions


University of Arizona

Florida Gulf Coast

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