I quit. I just left the Student Union Sports Slack channel. I am a rogue writer right now. This is RIDICULOUS.

Besides “5+ turnovers per game” Trae Young, how in the WORLD did Oklahoma make the tournament? 18-13! 8-10 in the BIG 12, 1(!)-8 on the road in conference play, lost in the first round of the BIG 12 Tournament to a team that didn’t even manage to make the tournament…

I hate the hype for Trae Young. Teams figured him out in late January. He’s gone back to the same well TOO MANY times and it finally dried up on him. Oklahoma is a weak team overall and with Trae Young succumbing to the praise and falling off of a cliff, they’ve been playing like they’re tanking for the rights to Deandre Ayton.

I am so livid. Talk about a team that legitimately doesn’t deserve to make it. This is politically motivated for ratings. I hate this. I won’t watch a single tournament game. It’s so very wrong. Ben Simmons and LSU didn’t make it, why did Trae Young?

The committee failed me with Alabama for football and has failed me again with the Sooners for March Madness. God bless it. This is ridiculous. I’m out.

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