This looked to be a Wednesday night where the sports world was kind of bland, not going to sugarcoat it. I said today to my roommate, “This is the first night in a long time where I don’t have any interest on any games on a given day.” This was a factual statement from myself, because when I looked at the slate of sports tonight, the last game I expected to switch my binge of Last Chance U off for was Washington playing KU at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.

I couldn’t believe that when I flipped the game on, KU was down 10, but also not even playing at Allen! I was like, I should have seen that coming. They are much worse when playing at a neutral, “home site”. They have literally all of the fans that they would have had if they played at Allen because the drive to KC is like 30 minutes tops. It is like playing a home game, away from home, but they’re close enough to home, that it still feels like home, but it isn’t home, so they play bad.

KU Stats

28-62 (45.2%) from the field

5-20 (25%) from 3

4-8 from the free throw line

13 Turnovers

17 Personal Fouls

The field goal percentage is fine if you make more than 25% of your three’s…Especially when that is what your game is (even though it shouldn’t be).

Udoka Azubuike is who they should be playing through, but for some reason they refuse to feed the big man down low. When you can’t make a three to save your life, maybe feed the 7-footer who hasn’t been able to be stopped thus far this season. Maybe?

Lagerald Vick was practically the only person playing for KU, and accounted for 6 of their 8 free throws! That statistic is absolutely insane because the definition of insanity is said to be doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Maybe incorporate that in your game plan, Bill.


Washington was fueled by going 9-21 (42.9%) from three, and was truly catapulted by the way they shot the three. Washington just gave every team the recipe for disaster, because they are about to start going inside, and then kicking it out and find their game.

Washington, unfortunately, woke up a sleeping giant, but is building a resume for March in the process. They face Gonzaga at home this weekend to potentially become a ranked team. This is not going to be an easy matchup for the Huskies, but what matchup is easy for a team that was predicted to finish in the bottom 4 of the Pac-12?

Live Your Best Life

Live your best life tonight, thank the lord that KU lost, and just thank God that there is a chance they fall into a downward-spiraling dumpster-fire like their football program, but don’t expect anything tomorrow.

They will figure it out, and continue to be good at the game of basketball, but just savor this moment as KU fans start talking crazy until they play again this weekend.


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