The Big 12 certainly seems like the most wide open power five conference. Only half of the league returns their starting QBs, with most of those replacements being from last year’s top half. Most people in our poll, myself included, think 2017 Big 12 Champion Oklahoma will repeat. Others think that Will Grier can drag the Mountaineers to the title. TCU, Oklahoma State, and Texas are all in the next tier receiving a little bit of love, but likely are missing a piece or two. Even if there isn’t a playoff team in this league in 2018, there is no doubt that it will be exciting to watch.

  1. Oklahoma (16)
  2. West Virginia (2)
  3. TCU
  4. Oklahoma State
  5. Texas
  6. Kansas State
  7. Iowa State
  8. Texas Tech
  9. Baylor
  10. Kansas

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