November 10, 2017:

I inform the world that Rutgers will be a dominant force in basketball this season. People thought it was an outlandish joke simply to support my Knights. If you read the article though, you’d see that I knew Rutgers was ready to turn a corner.

51 points in the first two games of the B1G tournament? I’d say that’s pretty electric. Being correct is a great start to being a genius, and I’ve checked that box. But to truly be a genius, you can’t just be right. You have to convince people that you’re correct despite the presence of haters. So, let’s see what known Clemson Carl antagonist, Austin Brown, was up to on November 10th.Oh, nothing much, just hating on Rutgers again. Austin wasn’t the only one. All season long I was called stupid for betting on Rutgers ML when they were 15+ point underdogs. I was told to stop saying that they’re back in the slack. I was called “embarrassing” on Twitter. I met that adversity head on and stayed true to my beliefs.


November 11, 2017:

After a convincing 98-34 victory over the City College of New York Beavers, many still had doubts about Rutgers. I did not.


November 13, 2017:

This actually wasn’t related to Rutgers basketball but if you take it out of context it fits this blog.

December 16, 2017:

Rutgers upset Seton Hall and others were starting to come around to the idea of Rutgers being good.


February 26, 2018:

Despite shaky conference play in January and February, my confidence never subsided.Taking doubters and turning them into believers is the next step in being a genius. Before the B1G tournament, it was clear that I had begun to convince the SU gang, but I’d need a capital J to truly validate my intelligence.


March 1, 2018:

That validation came soon after last night’s upset over Iowa, and I slept like a baby from the comforting reassurance that I am indeed a genius. Next stop is the Big Dance.

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