Tua Tagovailoa has set the college football world on fire. After his heroic victory in last year’s National Championship game, Tua became an automatic 2018 Heisman favorite. All summer, people were either all in on Tua or said that he was too over hyped for only playing one half of football. Personally, I put a future on Tua to win the Heisman at +1200 the day after the National Championship. Based on the fact that he is the current favorite at +150, I would say that looks like a pretty good investment. He has earned that spot by doing this.

He has dominated every opponent so hard that he has not even had to play a fourth quarter and is still the Heisman favorite. If Tua is smart, he will pay off the defense to give up some points so he can play in the fourth quarter. Having Tua on Alabama has upgraded them from dominant to a human video game team. Now if only there was an actual video game that you could play with Tua in…

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Still the biggest tragedy in video game history is the death of EA Sports NCAA Football. They were always far superior to Madden and had the best franchise mode of any sports video game ever. Recruiting, coaching, and playing your way to a dynasty. No better feeling. Well it turns out Tua wants to be able to play as Tua too.

This guy just always has the right answer, on and off the field.

I am now speaking directly to the NCAA and EA Sports: Do the right thing. Bring the game back. For Tua. For all of us.

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