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Orange Bowl 2017, Florida State vs. Michigan

Buckle the fuck up guys. It’s bowl season out here and it’s going to be an absolute electric factory.

Now, I know what you’re thinking right now. “Man they’re just going to give us some shitty match ups”. FALSE. They come off the bat with the Celebration Bowl on December 16th. Grambling vs. North Carolina A&T. Honestly, I had no idea those two programs were FBS (Editor’s Note: They are not). But I think we can all blame that on the fact that EA Sports hasn’t made an NCAA Football game since 2013.

The other day I had a little argument with a few buddies on what the best sports postseason is and what not. They are big NBA guys, so obviously it was like talking to a brick wall, but they couldn’t get why I thought that bowl season is clearly the most entertaining point of any football season, or any other postseason.

First off, I fucking love watching terrible football. I’ll watch a Wednesday night game between Akron and Western Michigan over any NFL game. No offense to these teams, but we all know it’s awful, but man, it’s not bad enough for me not to watch. I’ll take a play that has a defensive lineman interception while fumbling the ball twice in front of a crowd of 700 people on a Tuesday over a perfectly executed half back dive for 4 yards on Sunday.

I think one of the reasons why I prefer college football over any other sport is the teams. There’s a stupid amount of teams who make the “postseason” and it’s great for the viewers. From December 16th to whenever the National Championship is it’ll be non stop football. I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell can’t wait to watch Wyoming play Central Michigan in the Idaho Potato Bowl. Seriously, that should be a decent game if Josh Allen plays.

So buckle the fuck up. Everyone’s going to have a great gambling season and watch a ton of football games that are hopefully played somewhere that has nicer weather than wherever you are. And hey guys, join Sports Union’s Capital Bowl Mania Challenge. It’s free so theres absolutely no reason not to join. Let the games begin.

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