Tyvoris Solomon, who collapsed on the court during a game at NC State last week, has been released from the hospital.

A spokesman for the hospital said that Solomon was staying in confirmed the news that Solomon had been discharged. The cause of the collapse is still unknown and Solomon will continue to undergo tests to determine what caused the cardiac event. Whether or not Solomon will be able to return to the court is still unknown as well.

Solomon was rushed to a nearby hospital after his heart stopped during South Carolina State’s game against NC State. The incident occurred early in the first half of the game during a stoppage in play. The Bulldogs’ guard collapsed to the floor from his seat on the bench while NC State’s Markell Johnson was being examined for an injury. SC State athletic trainer Tyler Long immediately rushed to aid Solomon and quickly began CPR. After Solomon was taken to the hospital, the game was resumed and NC State emerged victorious by a score of 103-71.

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