Sister Jean aside, I wanna take a second to talk about the most meaningful and awesome moment that came out of an otherwise boring as hell National Championship game between Michigan and Villanova. The Wildcats won by 17 points and honestly, this was one of the worst championships for as awesome as this tournament was.

Anyways, in the moments after the championship game, as fans dove into Donte DiVicenzo’s odd twitter posts and celebrated Philadelphia’s second championship of 2018, something greater emerged from it all.

Not only is this the feel good moment of the tournament, but it’s a crazy personal victory for her as well. Now, instead of being recognized as crying flute girl, she’ll be a story of photoshopped triumph and perseverance… and as the crying flute girl (you can’t shake that). To see her team through the ups and the downs and be there in the end is a sign of a true fan. It’s like the classic movie seen where the girl takes off her glasses and suddenly becomes hot and then you realize she was hot all along. And for that, Villanova flute girl is my first and only Woman Crush Wednesday.

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