Tom Crean’s bag man is finally starting to make some moves. Anthony Edwards, a top-five player in the 2019 recruiting class, and projected top-five pick in the 2020 NBA draft, has committed to Tom Crean and the University of Georgia.

Tom Crean’s first season at UGA has been a big disappointment. Of course, these are not his players, but the Bulldogs have struggled mightily this season. However, this season doesn’t even matter now with Anthony Edwards coming down the pipe. He is going to be an absolute beast in the SEC next year. I mean look at this kid:


Edwards passed up offers at blueblood programs like Kentucky and UNC to stay home and play for Georgia. Atlanta has a great high school basketball scene, but has not been able to get guys to stay in-state. If Tom Crean can start getting top players to stay in-state, Georgia could become a real force in college basketball. Can’t wait to see what this kid does next year and congrats to Tom Crean because I love him dearly.

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Beauty and Grace.

P.S. Best tweet of the day on this:

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