SKOOOOOOOOBUFFFFFFFFSSSSSSSSS. That’s what the hipsters say up in Boulder when McKinley Wright IV, steps on the court, or to literally anything good that happens to the Colorado Buffaloes. Of late, there’s been a lot of SKOOOOOOOOing. The Buffs have had two back to back (shoutout Drake) fantastic weeks by going 3-1 and beating both Arizona schools, as well as UCLA on the road.

So in the Pac-12… however you take that statement… They could possibly be a surprise team that sneaks into the tournament because they play in such a pitiful conference. They are 11-7 overall and 3-3 in the conference, but have made some noise at the correct time.

Who Even Plays For CU?

Well, being a Colorado native, I know of a lot of players on CU because all I hear from my friends that go there, is “Chop?” and that “McKinley Wright IV, is only a freshman.” McKinley Wright is a fracken stud, and a cold-blooded killer; Cold-blooded from the Minnesota winters and the altitude in the Rockies that kills opponents.

Yes, their best player is a freshman, and is completely overshadowed by the 60 other, over-performing freshman in this year’s class. Wright averages 15 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 5.3 assists a game on an average of 32.9 minutes. This has been a huge boost for the Buffs, who desperately needed a go-to-guy to take some of the eyes off of George King. You’ve never heard of Mr. Wright the Fourth, but I assure you, you will.

George King- is the Buffs GUY. This was supposed to be their best player, and go to, before McKinley became the man in Boulder. King, a senior, averages 14.2 points and 8.3 rebounds a game. The 6’8 Guard is shooting nearly 40% from 3, which is something that must continue if this team has a shot in the Pac-12.

Dom Collier- This man killed some of my high school basketball fan experiences by ripping my heart out multiple times at Denver East. The man is a great role player, and does everything coach Tad Boyle asks.

Were The Last Two Weeks, Flukes?

Absolutely not. This Pac-12 conference race is completely open and the Buffs beat the three best teams in the conference, one of them being on the road, in Beverly Hills. If the Buffs can win three of their next four, and ideally sweep those games, in the next two weeks against the Washington schools and Arizona schools once again, they will solidify themselves as a contender.

They go on the road next week to Arizona to play ASU and U of A at their places to claim their dominance over the Arizonas. If they split or sweep these games, the Buffs could be poised for a Pac-12 tourney run that may surprise some people, and potentially lead to a bid into the tournament.

McKinley Wright is the key to their success, however. Wright has been the biggest surprise for this team, and if they continue to get good production, and he continues to improve, Tad Boyle’s team can contend for a Pac-12 title.




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