It’s a new day, and the Ball Family continues to find ways to get in the news. This time, it’s LiAngelo, the middle and forgotten son that “stole” Louis Vuitton sunglasses, the one who hasn’t been in the news for basketball related activity… Let me think… EVER! He got pulled out of UCLA for the same reason as LaMelo Ball, the youngest and arguably most skilled of the Big Ballers, TO GET READY FOR THE NBA DRAFT.

LaVar Ball pulled son LiAngelo, or Gelo as LaVar refers to him, out of school. “We are exploring other options with Gelo… He’s out of there,” is what LaVar told ESPN. He also said this to ESPN, which is bold at the very least, “I’m going to make him way better for the draft than UCLA ever could have.”

And then you see this Tweet… From Woj…

Ok LaVar, this is the ultimate test. If you can get the son who is not on any scouting lists, EVEN THE EXTENDED SCOUTING LISTS, drafted….

You win. Simple enough.

You can do anything if you pull this off. Anything on live television is within the limits, interviewing the people who are interviewing you is honorary, or even pulling your son from college/high school is a blessing to all.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, this is all free marketing for the Big Baller Brand. The reasons their name is in the news right now doesn’t really matter. It only means that when Lonzo and LaMelo are studs in the NBA, people will want to buy their brand. LaVar is almost done with this whole act… I hope. I think as soon as LaMelo, and I guess LiAngelo, get into the NBA, he stops running his mouth, and he lets his sons prove their play on the court.

LaVar has been brilliantly playing the American and Chinese market this entire time, and we are too dumb to realize what he is doing. If you continue putting him on television, he will continue saying anything and everything to make headlines.

You might as well invest in BBB right now, considering it is surely going to go up with China’s love of the Lakers. You saw it with Kobe, and Lonzo is the face of the Lakers franchise.

UCLA is so much better off as being a puppet for LaVar, and Steve Alford knows it. He said that he respected the decision, gave his best wishes and heaved an enormous sigh of relief. Look for the Bruins to turn over a new leaf, and become a brand new team in the new year.

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