It’s college basketball season! Yes, I know that CBB started way back in November, but now that we’re without football, I’ll officially declare it college basketball season. Let’s tackle a couple of big storylines making headlines this season.

Tennessee, favorite to win it?

Now I know it’s always hard to tell at this point of the year, but the national image tends to shape up around this time of the season. Tennessee’s depth will continue to be a problem for their opposition.

Duke & UVA, who wins the ACC?

As we saw in Cameron Indoor, it’s the matchup we all want to see again and again. Yet there can only be one winner. I think if we saw the matchup play out 10 times, we would see a 5-5 draw. The next time we see this matchup (outside of when we see their clash @UVA) we will for sure see it played on a neutral site for the ACC championship.

B1G, deepest conference?

As our very own Delphi Bracketology mentioned in their new seed list on January 30th, 10 B1G teams are projected to make the tournament, this would be the most of any conference for this years bracket. Though it feels like any other year, in the terms of the B1G just beating one another up.

It’s going to be a great year for college basketball, and if you don’t believe that well then you don’t deserve college sports.

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