Other than being the second best University in the State of Colorado, the Men’s Colorado State basketball team is in a tsunami of trouble. Men’s Head Basketball Coach Larry Eustachy is set to be fired after a number of incidents with players and his “abusive” behavior.

Here is the link to the Denver Post’s article which gives all of the details.

I am more interested in the players backing their Coach on Twitter and boycotting practice due to the stalling in the athletic department, even though the “abuse” was towards his players.

I think this is a case of a very passionate head coach that takes his job very seriously and gets frustrated when things don’t go the correct way. Now, this is not his first incident, and there are correct ways to respond, it is very hard to see a coach have to change his coaching style just to get a job, and hopefully keep it.

Throwing chairs, punching whiteboards, punting basketballs, cussing out players… That is all pretty standard as far as I’m concerned. I would rather play for a guy like that than some guy with his glasses on, sitting on a chair watching practice and taking notes.

Aren’t sports supposed to be competitive? Aren’t the best athletes and coaches passionate about their work and take pride in the results? The Rams are on a 7 game skid, and in the Mountain West, with the roster they have, it is inexcusable. I could see MYSELF punting a basketball at someone’s head if I were in Larry’s position.

Here are the Tweets defending Larry.

I don’t know, but I bet Frank Martin would have been fired from CSU a LOOOONNNNGGGGGG time ago if he were under the same system as Larry was. It’s tough to see passion and the pursuit of perfection get undermined because no one wants to have their feelings hurt. I don’t know… I’m on the #FreeCoachE train as well Prentiss.

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