Is this Duke team really as good as everyone thought it was at the beginning of the season?

Duke was being talked about like they were going to be the best college basketball team in history for having top recruits Zion Williams, RJ Barret, and Cam Reddish. After blowing out Kentucky in the season opener, it looked like they actually might be.

However, Duke has showed that they can be vulnerable. They’ve lost two games this season to Gonzaga and Syracuse, and probably should have lost two more to Florida State and Louisville.

Ok. They definitely should have lost to Louisville. Luckily for them, the Cardinals decided to have one of the worst choke jobs ever.

Duke does have impressive wins this season, including two against UVA. They are definitely one of the best teams in the country and will probably make a title run. I just don’t think they’re the all-time superstar team everyone thought they were at the beginning of the season.

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We will see about that when we take it to your Hokies and everybody else the rest of the way.Are you freakin kidding me this team is better than early expectations.This may be the best Duke team of all time!!!! Don’t be a hater and just enjoy the greatness


When Syracuse beats Duke Twice as # 1 will Duke still be ranked 1? Ranked 300 plus in 3 PT shooting in Div1, I believe they are overrated, you can put them as a top seed in the NCAA tournament, since they stay at #1 after being beaten by a better NC team? that seeding might let them beat a 16 seed but I doubt they make the sweet 16