Vermont Basketball might win 30 games without anyone noticing until March and then be a favorite for a few upsets. 

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Anthony Lamb battling Kentucky in a 73-69 loss

There’s no way I can see anyone but Vermont winning the America East Conference. This team isn’t just aiming for simply a birth in the NCAA Tournament in March, though. The Catamounts could be a big sleeper team and find themselves competing for a Sweet Sixteen birth, or better.

Vermont went 16-0 in the America East Conference last season and 29-6 overall. Going into the NCAA tournament as a 13 seed, they lost 80-70 to a really good Purdue team. The game was much closer than the score shows, and at half time the Catamounts were only down 37-36. Freshmen Anthony Lamb jumped onto the scene scoring 20 points and 9 rebounds. Leading the team in both categories.

Let’s talk about Anthony Lamb for a second. The guy’s a going to be a mid major stud that no one will know about all season, but come March they’ll be pissed at because he fucked up their bracket. The 6-6 Sophomore from Rochester, New York wasn’t highly reguarded by high major conferences. Clearly the guy is making them rethink that because he’s going to put on a show this season. In the season opening loss to Kentucky, he put up 15 points and 7 boards as Vermont narrowly lost by only four points.  Watch for him to break out this season and take March over.

It’s hard to see the team not running through the America East Conference like they did last season. The team’s loaded with experience. I know that’s pretty cliche when talking about a mid major team, but in this case it’s true. They’re bringing back basically all their core players. Joining Anthony Lamb on the All Conference Preseason Team is Senior Guard Trae Bell-Haynes. The point guard out of Toronto is going to be a huge reason why the team will be upsetting higher seeds come March.

I know how early it is to be thinking about March. But in college basketball, no one cares about what’s going on in November. College Basketball in general doesn’t actually start until college football finishes up. And then nothing heats up till February. But, Vermont is the type of team that we’ll all forget about 15 minutes after reading this article, but in March you’ll be like “oh shit, I remember that article that told me about this team”. If you don’t, then the Catamounts will just fuck up your bracket.

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