If you were like me and had Florida State at -9, I’m so sorry. As some may have seen, FSU ended up winning 76-69, a 7 point victory that broke hearts across the nation. Never would I ever wish anyone the pain that I’m feeling right now, except for maybe the FSU player that were a part of the All-No Defense team that led to Vermont’s final layup that ended up having Vermont covering the spread.

I went to Florida State for my spring break, stayed with our writer Sam Tschida. Coming home I kept telling everyone how I was an honorary Seminole and how I hoped that they would do well in the tournament. After this showing though, I wouldn’t be mad if they got blown out in the next round.

Here’s a video from Action Network’s Darren Rovell showing a group of people that looks to be a mixed bag of emotions, you have people celebrating, and people groaning. It is safe to say, I would have been one of the people groaning about the young man that doesn’t care about our bets.

Florida State, I will never forgive you for being my first loss of the tournament.

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