We are finally back and I cannot wait to make more money tonight. I am going to give you all 4 plays for tonight and for the rest of the tournament I’ll give you all of my college basketball bets for the day. So you can either ride with me or get run over.

Florida State (+7.5) vs Gonzaga

I like that Gonzaga is the second biggest favorite of the day. Vegas really likes the bulldogs here but I like the Seminoles in this one. Its like they’re playing with a spear that’s on fire and they’re out for blood. The way they played against Murray State proved to me that they are legit and are going to fight in this game. I even took them on the moneyline, but they will cover.

Tennessee (-1.5) vs Purdue

Yes Carson Edwards is one of the best scorers in the nation and in this tournament, but I don’t think he has enough in the tank to get past this physical Tennessee team. Tennessee survived a scare against Iowa blowing a 25 point lead that allowed the game to go to over time, (I lost 10 units on that game don’t want to talk about it) but this time they won’t slip like they did. I think it will be close but Tennessee will pull away at the end.

Virginia (-7) vs Oregon

Buy the points down to seven it will be worth it. I am sick of seeing this Oregon team in the tournament. They are a fast paced team and take a lot of shots but Virginia’s defense is too good. They will control the tempo of the game and not allow the ducks to get out and run. I think around the last 10 minutes of the game Oregon won’t be able to keep up and it will be a duck hunt for the cavilers.

Michigan (-1.5) vs Texas Tech

This will be the best game of the night. The top two defenses in the country battling and grinding it out. Texas Tech is a really good basketball team but Michigan is a really good tournament team and they have more experience than the Red Raiders do. I think this will play a key role late in the game and Michigan will win by 3 or 4 points.

That’s all I have for you tonight 4 more tomorrow but lets make some money tonight. Good luck and I hope you listen. This game is not for the weak and we’re gonna get rich or die trying

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