LaVar Ball really does not know the meaning of “enough is enough”. First, he claimed that he instilled the “no shot is a bad shot” mentality into his three sons. Then, LaVar claimed he was better than Michael Jordan. Now, he has decided that his youngest son LaMelo is better off in the school of LaVar than Chino Hills High School. This stuff really cannot be made up.

It has long been suspected that both LiAngelo and LaMelo would follow in the footsteps of their older brother Lonzo and spend one year playing basketball at UCLA before declaring for the NBA Draft. Instead, LaMelo will take a different route to get there, as he will not graduate from Chino Hills High School. The class schedule with LaVar will probably be a little bit different than the one he would have had if he stayed in school.

I imagine LaMelo’s day to go something like this with LaVar:

9 am: Wake up. Breakfast.

10 am: History Class: Why your father is better than Michael Jordan.

11 am: History Class: Highlight film of LaVar’s year at Washington State (shortest class).

12 pm: Lunch.

1 pm: Media 101: How to get and maintain the spotlight.

2 pm: Train. Jumpshots only. Obviously defense is not important for LaMelo.

4 pm: Facetime with Lonzo. Beg for Lonzo to come home and talk some sense into LaVar.

5 pm: Dinner.

6 pm: Math 101: How many jumpshots needed to break Wilt Chamberlain’s points record.

7 pm: Train. More jumpshots.

Obviously, homeschooling involves a lot more than just classes when LaVar is the teacher. Not sure what LaMelo will gain out of this experience. Remember, with homeschooling, if your parents don’t know it, neither will you. Good luck LaMelo.

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