Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand have been in the news recently for bringing the brand to specific schools. Most notably North Carolina, Michigan and Oklahoma. After adding Florida recently, the Jordan brand has a team in almost all of the Power 5 conferences.

ACC- North Carolina

SEC- Florida

Big 12- Oklahoma

BIG- Michigan

Pac-12- Cal (???)

You’re Not That Sly Mike

Now here’s the thing… This is going to be the hottest of hot takes. I think that Cal will be the next team announced, because they already have Jordan basketball uniforms…

This was announced before last season, and adding them to the list of Jordan sponsored schools would then complete the Power 5 carousel. Michael would nearly ensure that a Jordan sponsored jersey will be featured every week on television, and that is some great marketing.


  1. Being featured every week/weekend is a great way to showcase what your brand brings to the table.
  2. No one is going to decline an opportunity to work with Jordan, so this is a luxury for chosen schools.
  3. Oklahoma is going to come out with Jordan jerseys for the CFP. This is another one of my hot takes… What better opportunity to showcase a brand than in potentially the two biggest games of Oklahoma’s season at the CFP?
  4. Oklahoma has to get new jerseys anyways. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were Mike’s plan the whole time, and the jerseys are already made.
  5. Yes, I am on a nickname basis with Michael Jordan, and Student Union Sports will soon be a Jordan affiliate as well.


This is great news for Florida, as they have become an elite group, and I don’t blame Mike for going with Florida athletics. He also lives there, and has probably became friends with someone within the athletic department. Regardless, their men’s basketball team is going to be JOE FLACCO ELITE this year, and the football team will be good in the coming years with Dan Mullen at the helm.

Men’s and Women’s basketball will begin wearing Jordan sponsored jerseys and shoes immediately, and the football program will begin in 2018.

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