Woah, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything but what better way to come back with a bang than with some jaw-dropping overreactions I’ve come up with (and found) guaranteed to make you say what the f***? The 2018-2019 season is finally upon us and with it comes a guarantee that fans and myself are already spewing about how their team’s a dumpster fire or how they have the next LeBron James. Whether there’s any truth to these will be determined in what should be a hectic next five months.

#1) Fuming Michigan State Fans

This pissed off Michigan State fan was boiling after the Spartan’s loss to #1 ranked Kansas in the Champions Classic. Someone should remind him that he’s talking about the same team that beat two top-ten opponents last season in their first ten games (North Carolina and Notre Dame). The season prior to that the Spartans beat none other than KANSAS in their opening game at the Champions Classic. His response to a more optimistic Sparty fan  felt a lot like friendly fire.

#2) Duke Undefeated 100% Confirmed

This one comes from yours truly and was sent to fellow Student Union writer Doug Wattley. I don’t care what you say R.J. Barrett is a monster, Cam Reddish is filthy, and I’m ending the debate right now; LeBron versus MJ is over, Zion Williamson is the new GOAT. If Duke doesn’t take precautions he may start an earthquake with one of his dunks.

Say what you will but Duke is going undefeated.

#3) End of an Era?

On the receiving end of Duke’s thrashing was #2 ranked Kentucky. It’s safe to say fans are in full meltdown mode after they went so far as to make an entire thread dedicated to throwing in the towel after game one.

Either way, Kentucky’s a factory that mass produces NBA prospects and it’s a guarantee that their players will be making more money than this upset fan next year.

#4) Take it Easy NC

This last one seems a little ironic. Usually a win over Wofford by eleven points when you’re ranked in the top ten doesn’t correlate to many national championship victories but don’t tell this Heels fan otherwise. Let them have Bama and let Roy Williams try and solve Tua. It’d be more fun than a game against Wofford. 

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