With the college basketball season wrapping up, we begin to look towards next season. One of the best parts of the offseason is learning all the new faces joining your team, whether they be transfers or recruits. Everyone loves becoming acquainted to their team’s freshly acquired talent and it makes us anxious for next year. We want to see these young guns (with the guidance of some upperclassmen) push our respective teams to the next level. All of this excitement and attention towards prospects brings us what we call recruiting news. One athlete in particular has been causing a lot of buzz recently. The nation’s top-ranked shooting guard, Romeo Langford, remains uncommitted leaving us all asking the same question…

“Romeo, Romeo, where fore art thou attending college Romeo?”

The Player

For those of you who live under a rock, Romeo Langford is the #5 overall prospect in the 2018 recruiting class and participated in the McDonald’s All-American events earlier in March. Let me rephrase that. He didn’t just participate, but he showed out.


Langford finished the game with 19 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and countless new fans. Beyond the stat line, I saw a confident, cool, and collected kid with a jump shot wetter than the Pacific. I am obviously not the only one that took notice either. Someone literally made a video on how to recreate Langford’s shot for 2K18. Need I say more?


 The Prediction

Round and round the commitment wheel goes. Where will it end nobody knows. As much as I’d love to sit here and tell you I’ve got insider information on where Langford plans to go, I can’t. I am no Adrian Wojnarowski or Adam Schefter. However, I can tell you what I believe is most likely to happen and what impact it will have. According to ESPN, Langford has narrowed his options down to just three universities. Kansas and Indiana are expecting be on any top prospect’s list simply for the branding. But it is Romeo’s third choice that interests me most of all. Vanderbilt. Finishing at 12-20 this past year, the Commodores seem to have a very bright future ahead of them. They have already signed the #11 prospect Simisola Shittu and #13 prospect Darius Garland. It would make sense for Langford to want to go here knowing he’d have the opportunity to play along side two other outstanding athletes. This seems to be the trend for college basketball anyways. With social media having the influence it does now, players become familiar with each other early on and tend to recruit one another to join their respective schools. Considering this, I believe that Langford will take on this challenge of helping to revive a struggling program head on. Look out Nashville, here comes Romeo!

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