As the NCAA Corruption Scandal continues to be unpeeled layer by layer, longtime Louisville Mens Basketball Coach Rick Pitino, and Athletic Director Tom Jurich are the first head coach/AD tandem to be fired. Pitino, who has been at Louisville since 2001, was going to miss the first five conference games of the season due to the escort scandal earlier in the year.

This is just the first of many dominos to fall as more information is uncovered. It’s no secret that money has been apart of the NCAA for ever, but this could result in what many believe to be the death penalty to the schools involved. All of the schools involved have suspended the assistants involved, but Louisville is the first to fire their Head Coach and Athletic Director.

A main catalyst for the case is Brian Bowen, who allegedly took a 100k bribe to attend Louisville. The bribe, which allegedly came from an Adidas executive, was for Bowen to attend Louisville and endorse Adidas when he went pro. It is very, very unlikely that we will see Bowen on the court this year.

Pitino brought the 2013 National Championship back to Louisville for the first time since 1986. During his tenure he has had a record of 416-143. Don’t worry though Cardinal fans, judgment day isn’t only coming for you, it’s coming for all associated programs.

A press conference has been scheduled for 1 pm ET, but neither Pitino nor Jurich are expected to be in attendance.

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