Sean Miller has proved to the media and the University of Arizona that he is innocent of the ESPN claim that he paid DeAndre Ayton $100,000 to attend Arizona. He was put in front of cameras at the University and Arizona President believes every word Sean Miller has said.

Miller coached, and Ayton played in the last two games, and eventual wins. This news comes at an unfortunate time for the Arizona Wildcats, but this season looks to be untouchable by the NCAA and FBI to find information that is actually true.

What happens when there is more time to investigate the school, and other agents doing this, that aren’t named Christian Dawkins? Sean Miller may have to plan his next move, but thanks to me, I made a list of very reasonable things that Miller can move on to become.

Try the NBA

This is a realistic option for Miller, as he may have success at the next level. But I’m skeptical, so I personally downgraded my options for Miller. Still, the Phoenix Suns could use a new head coach… In my opinion, the Suns should hire Grand Canyon’s Dan Majerle or Sean Miller to try and coach the Devin Booker.

He most definitely could do what Jay Triano does on a nightly basis for the Suns. 19-47 and 14th in the West. Realistically, anyone could do that.

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Part Owner/Coach of the BBB League

If Sean Miller wanted to admit that he has payed players in the past, just not $100,000, he could do that in a safe, and more importantly, encouraged environment that is Lavar Ball’s BBB league that hopefully challenges the NCAA. If he leaves on this note, where the NCAA is the bad guy, and he is trying to revolutionize basketball, go coach in a league that is all about coaching.

Sean Miller is clearly a good recruiter using money, so this will prove whether he is a good basketball coach, or if he just drops bags on top recruits, and tells them there’s nice weather down south in Tucson. If he wants to continue his coaching career without it being completely tarnished, this may be the best move.

Plus, if the report is true, top recruits are able to get $100,000 and Sean Miller payed his own money, so he has enough money to be a part owner in the league and fund this fantastic protest to the NCAA.

Become an ESPN Analyst and Snitch on all Coaches

ESPN would definitely hire Sean Miller to apologize for reporting false information about him and starting the storm that eventually led to him losing his reputation. If ESPN were to hire Sean Miller, Miller has the potential to become the greatest insider of all time.

He could just be on the ESPN insider page, make people pay for specific articles, releasing details on who has been paid that he knows, and what coaches are scum bags.

Who’s to say Sean Miller wouldn’t do this? Who’s to say ESPN wouldn’t do this to avoid the lawsuit with Ayton and Miller?

Coach U of A

The most realistic, reasonable and likely option is that Sean Miller continues to coach the Arizona Wildcats.


If the University continues to back Miller, there is no way that Miller gets fired, unless the FBI finds information before the NCAA changes the rules.

He will continue to do what he does, just more carefully this time.

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