Let’s be honest: nothing goes together better then drinking and sports. So in preparation for the biggest sporting event of the year, why would we not make it even more enjoyable by making it into a drinking game? There are so many weird phrases and cliche moments in the Selection Sunday show, and with the new two hour show, we will need all the drinks we can to get all the way through it. I am here to help, with your official Student Union Selection Sunday drinking game. Break out your Buds, Natty Lites, Busch Lights, and Milwaukee’s Best, sit back and enjoy the show. Make sure to be on the lookout for my second edition of the March Madness drinking game coming up this week. Enjoy!!

Take a drink if these phrases are said:

  • Body of work (good luck with this one)
  • Mid-Major/Power Conference
  • Blue Blood
  • Eye Test
  • “Did just enough to get in”
  • Non-conference Strength of Schedule
  • “This is March”

Take two drinks if:

  • A team’s celebration video is a couple seconds off
  • They praise your rival team
  • They argue about conference tournament importance
  • Grayson Allen dirty plays are shown
  • A coach says his team’s resume “speaks for itself”

Chug your drink if:

  • They say “Diaper Dandy”
  • They mention George Mason’s run to the Final Four
  • Your buddy next to you talks about his Cinderella team making the Final Four
  • You can find Conner Frankamp’s hairline

Finish the case if:

  • The bracket gets leaked before the show (now you don’t need to watch the show!)

Now let us get to the Madness!!! Make sure to keep checking back to Student Union Sports for your coverage of the best tournament in all of sports.

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