Football season is over, but there is some good news: The Patriots can’t win March Madness. But the Patriots of college basketball find themselves atop our first #SU25 rankings of the regular season. Coach K has the Blue Devils rolling, but the Volunteers are staying close behind.

We casted our votes before Tuesday night’s action, so expect that the Jayhawks, our #SU25 preseason #1, slide even further after last night’s loss in Manhattan. Michigan State threw away their hopes of remaining in next week’s top ten after literally throwing away seemingly every possession in Champaign last night. Is Illinois the most entertaining 8-15 team of all time? Interestingly enough, our #SU25 contains the exact same teams as the AP Top 25, but not in the same order.

  1. Duke (5)
  2. Tennessee (3)
  3. Virginia (1)
  4. Gonzaga
  5. Kentucky
  6. Michigan
  7. North Carolina
  8. Nevada
  9. Michigan State
  10. Marquette
  11. Virginia Tech
  12. Houston
  13. Kansas
  14. Villanova
  15. Louisville
  16. Iowa State
  17. Purdue
  18. Texas Tech
  19. Iowa
  20. LSU
  21. Buffalo
  22. Wisconsin
  23. Florida State
  24. Cincinnati
  25. Maryland

Others receiving votes: Mississippi State (13), Washington (9), Auburn (6), Davidson (4), UCF (3), Lipscomb (2), Syracuse (1)

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