With the recent news that Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are dating, I thought to myself how bad of a move it must be to date anyone who has ever appeared on the television show Keeping up with the Kardashians. How many lives have the Kardashians actually ruined? It could be in the 100’s. Kim ruined Reggie Bush’s and Kris Humphries’ careers while Khloe drove Lamar Odom to be addicted to crack cocaine, stole all of Rashad McCants’ basketball powers and money, and is currently ruining Tristan Thompson’s NBA career right before our eyes. For God’s sake, Kris Jenner drove Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner; the curse has no boundaries! Enter Kendall Jenner. She is the young, hot, superstar right now who every famous athlete wants to get their hands on. Not so fast though.

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In 2014, it was rumored that Kendall Jenner and Chandler Parsons were dating, which was basically all but confirmed. At the very least they casually hooked up multiple times, even if they didn’t have a title. Chandler Parsons signed a huge contract with the Dallas Mavericks around this time and couldn’t seem to shake the injury bug after he had flourished with the Houston Rockets. Chandler Parsons then signed with the Grizzlies after a couple disappointing seasons in Dallas. Chandler Parsons’ career is now all but over: he hasn’t averaged over 8 PPG since the 2015 season. This was the first confirmed victim of Kendall Jenner.

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D’angelo Russell was considered a major talent coming out of Ohio State and was actually drafted 2nd overall by the Los Angeles Lakers. Russell was having a decent rookie campaign until he ratted out his own teammate Nick Young for cheating on Iggy Azalea in the locker room. This clearing caused his teammates to not trust him and caused problems all throughout the locker room. He was messing around with Kendall Jenner at the time and even his own advisers publicly tried to tell him not to get involved with her.  Did Kendall set the entire Swaggy P and Iggy drama up through D’angelo? That’s something we will never know, but what we do know is Russell was sent packing 2 years later to Brooklyn to die. RIP to another promising LA career.

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NEXT: Jordan Clarkson… good basketball player, great fit in LA. Clarkson had all the makings of a future star in LA until he linked up with the cursed Kendall Jenner. They dated for a very short period of time, but in their time together she did what she does best: ruin another basketball player’s career. It wasn’t long after these two dated and took trips to Europe together that Clarkson was sent packing to Cleveland to sit on the bench and be the laughing stock of the NBA.  Clarkson was known for his partying antics (who wouldn’t be in LA), but he had to hook up with the one woman in the entire city who could ruin his whole career.

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Now, Blake Griffin at one time was considered a top 10 player in the NBA and he had a future hall of fame career ahead of him. He got injured a couple times and took a pit stop at Jenner Island, which is likely the reason for all of his on the court problems. It was only a matter of time before the LA star was shipped off to Detroit, one of the shittiest cities in the world, to play the game of basketball. As soon as he arrived in Detroit, Kendall dumped him, ruined his morale, and broke his heart. You might be thinking, “how could a dude as hideous as Blake Griffin land someone as great looking as Kendall Jenner?” Well, when you have money in LA, looks don’t matter…when you have money in Detroit, no one gives a fuck. Blake Griffin is probably going to end his career in Detroit, the man who was once a promising young star has become a man sent to die in an awful location at the  hands of Kendall Jenner. Image result for blake griffin kendall jenner

Ben Simmons is about to win Rookie of the Year and probably become one the elite players in the NBA, but was Kendall Jenner sent here from LA to stop him? Who knows the real reason why they are dating;  yes Kendall is gorgeous and Simmons is a young star, but you have to think that from LA to Philly is a really long way. There has to be a motive behind these two dating, and Kris Jenner is probably up to something. She pulls the strings in Hollywood. I am a Ben Simmons fan and I really don’t want to see him fall into this trap, so Ben if you are reading this… GET OUT. GET OUT NOW. #JennerCurse

-Johnny Rambos

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