During the NBA combine an executive from a team asked Kevin Knox if he had a child, which Knox politely answered “no.” Then the executives kept pressing him, saying that they had learned he had a child, which turned into a pretty awkward two minutes for every single person involved. The NBA team that remains unnamed then told him it was all a hoax, it wasn’t true and that they just wanted to see if he had any deep dark secrets about a child.

Can you imagine as an 18 year old kid, who probably gets laid like eggs on campus, being one of the star basketball players at a blue blood school and thinking you have a child for like 2 minutes, during one of the most important interviews of your life. Knox was probably replaying every single time he had drunk sex in his mind, just trying to remember if he pulled out or not. If someone tried to convince me I had a kid that I didn’t know about, I probably couldn’t even argue it. I would just have to text every single girl I’ve been with the past 9-12 months and ask what the deal was. Kevin Knox is every dude in this situation, probably freaking the fuck out thinking he has a child he didn’t know about.

If I’m the NBA team that asked him these questions and he didn’t absolutely have a freak out then I am drafting him ASAP. Any 18 year old who doesn’t have a heart attack in front of you after you have just told him he has a child he didn’t know about is a real winner. This guy has the mental toughness you want in a hall of fame NBA player.

After Pusha T released “The story of Adidon” every dude in America who was accused of having child got just a little bit more nervous about the whole situation. The unnamed team certainly could be the Toronto Raptors just trying troll a little bit, but who knows. Kevin Knox is the most mentally tough 18 year old of all time and I want him on my team.

– Johnny Rambos

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