The Student Union Sports Podcast offers you an inside look at college sports from the perspective of actual college students while also highlighting our talented student writers. Today’s show includes the hottest takes from Student Union writers Andrew Grimes, Brendan Smith and Johnny Rambos. Be sure to chirp us and let us know what you think about today’s episode on Twitter @StudentUSports and @SUSportsPod

Todays Segments/Topics
00:45 – Tommy Smokes from Barstool Sports
03:33 – Tommy’s Trip to Vegas
09:30 – Life in the Barstool Office
12:15 -NFL Hand Size/ Porter Potty Drill
16:01 – Masters Talk
18:00 -Tristan Thompson
24:08 – Early NFL Draft Talk, Top QB’s, RB’s and WR’s
36:50 – Bucky’s Grit Picks

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