Our competitors, 247 Sports, were on a DEEP (not so deep) dive into the DeAndre Ayton, Sean Miller “case” that the FBI has brought to our attention.

247 sports put some pieces together, and saw that when Ayton was recruited, and when 1) The FBI got involved and 2) when Sean Miller’s phone was wiretapped, don’t MATCH AT ALL.

Ayton signed with Arizona on November 10th, in 2016! This is before the FBI was even involved in any capacity. Ayton even arrived on campus BEFORE the FBI wiretapped Sean Miller!

The claim that Ayton was LURED by $100,000 from Sean Miller directly, is completely false, or at least overblown by the wiretap report. Also possible: the NCAA wiretapped this conversation before, and gave the FBI records. Either or, NOT A GOOD LOOK.

I just would like a straight story. I’m watching The People v. O.J. Simpson from FX, and it just makes me think, no one can be trusted in this situation, STRICTLY BECAUSE THE NCAA IS INVOLVED.

The NCAA has the money to pay the FBI to release certain information, especially when the NCAA already knows what is going on within its organization. Of course they’ll cooperate with the FBI because they already have all of the facts.

Now, I’m not saying that this didn’t happen all together, but Ayton seems unlikely to have been involved. Sean Miller on the other hand… he’s in trouble. I’m sure that this was a combination of real findings, and trying to hit a homerun. Arizona is surely involved, as is Sean Miller. I’m sure there are current players involved. Ayton, got some sort of cash. But $100,000????? That’s a little too much cash for people to not expect questions.

Here is 247’s article, which features more knowledgeable and credible people talking on the same subject.

Also, @LiamSmith talked about how Sean Miller could learn a few things HBO shows on how to avoid situations like this… but maybe Sean Miller did, and the FBI has a fake lead??

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