No poll, but I figured the fellow readers of our wonderful website would’ve chosen this game since it was the closest and it was between two really good teams. So here ya go.

What I saw

The Good: LSU

  • Were able to force turnovers at critical times
  • Got out to an early lead
  • Made key plays in the second half
  • Didn’t let the game get out of hand
  • Limited Auburn’s run game
  • Defensive Line had their way
  • Pretty good play calling on both sides

The Bad: LSU

  • Inconsistent on offense for the entire game
  • Caught biting the fake frequently on defense
  • Couldn’t get the running game going
  • Burrow’s ball placement was very poor
  • Offense finished 3/13 on third down after starting 5/7

The Good: Auburn

  • Spread the ball around. Five players with multiple catches and four with 30+ yards receiving.
  • Great job finishing drives and not settling for field goals
  • Consistent pressure on Burrows
  • Was able to dig themselves out of an early hole
  • Made LSU settle for FGs several times

The Bad: Auburn

  • Couldn’t finish LSU off when up multiple scores
  • -2 in turnover differential
  • Inconsistent running game
  • Lost in the trenches offensively
  • Undisciplined on defense as several penalties on defense bailed out LSU
  • Stidham with poor decision making


This was a back and forth game. They say it’s not how you start it’s how you finish. LSU started and finished very strong. Scoring the first 10 points and scoring the last 12. Definitely a SEC defensive battle as both offenses couldn’t get much going, at least on a consistent basis. At the end of the LSU was the better team. The offense made the plays they needed to make late even though they had struggled most of the day. They got the interception to keep it a one score game. And they milked the last 5:38 to not only regain the lead but to also make sure Auburn didn’t have a chance to answer.

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