So in the poll on the Student Union twitter, the masses voted that I do my film session on the Clemson-Texas A&M game. So here I am, pleasing the people. This is the game of the year thus far, so it was pretty fun to rewatch and analyze the game–even though it took forever to put it all together.

Below will be the links to the threads I created on twitter and below that will be quick breakdown of what I saw from both teams.

What I saw

The Good: Clemson

  • They converted their scoring opportunities on offense
  • Had four plays of 40+ yards
  • Defensive Line got pressure on Mond frequently
  • Stood tall when Texas A&M had a chance to score (blocked FG and forced two turnovers)
  • Made the big plays when needed

The Bad: Clemson

  • They were pretty absent defensively in the second half
  • Had trouble running the ball
  • Couldn’t finish Texas A&M when up multiple scores

The Good: Texas A&M

  • Never gave up
  • Mond played extremely well most of the game
  • Wide Receivers made big play after big play
  • Blitzed very well
  • Aside from the big plays, they shutdown the Clemson offense

The Bad: Texas A&M

  • Gave up over 200 yards on four plays
  • Forced zero turnovers
  • Couldn’t force any FGs when Clemson was in scoring position
  • Had trouble running the ball
  • Missed tackles all over the place, specifically on Clemson’s big plays
  • Offensive line was sloppy as can be and allowed a lot of pressure
  • Had four chances to score that ended with zero points (2 missed FGs and 2 turnovers)


At the end of the day, the better team won. Texas A&M had their chances to win this game, but couldn’t cash in on their opportunities. However, I think we can all agree that this team is better than we anticipated, as they gave the 2nd best team a run for their money. They will also give the best team in the country a run for their money later on in the season. Hopefully it’ll be just as fun as this one.

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