Yeah, I just split the tea. I’m not afraid to say it at all. QB’s can be and are some of the biggest crybaby’s/drama queens/most butt-hurt players ever. The Golden Children of High School football don’t like how they are treated in college weather it be play time, Wins/Losses, or just how they are treated, and it leads to this…

Don’t get me wrong, the NBA is by far the Real Housewives of sports, but in the past decade, college football transfers have become the KUWTK of football. And of course all the sports media is going to gobble it up and remind us about it every 15 minutes like it’s a Zion Dunk or Lebron 25 point game. Transfers are becoming the Lotto of football, and the Mega Millions is QB’s.

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If you don’t believe me, then take a look at this list of the past 5-Star QB’s as ranked by 24/7 sports from 2010-2017:

(List from 24/7 Sports article about 5-Star QB’s transferring)

Year247Sports Composite 5-star QBsTransferred To
2010Phillip Sims, AlabamaVirginia
2011Jeff Driskel, FloridaLouisiana Tech
2011Braxton Miller, Ohio State
2012Jameis Winston, Florida State
2012Gunner Kiel, Notre DameCincinnati
2013Max Browne, USCPittsburgh
2013Christian Hackenberg, Penn State
2014Kyle Allen, Texas A&MHouston
2015Josh Rosen, UCLA
2015Blake Barnett, AlabamaArizona State, USF
2015Kyler Murray, Texas A&MOklahoma
2016Shea Patterson, Ole MissMichigan
2016Jacob Eason, GeorgiaWashington
2017Davis Mills, Stanford
2017Hunter Johnson, Clemson?
2017Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

10 out of the last 17 5-Star QB’s have transferred from their original colleges, and it just shows how this generation and how football is changing in general. I don’t mean to sound like a Baby Boomer, but when shit hits the fan or something happens the individual doesn’t like, they just want to give up.

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Here a list of “reasons” for why these QB’s left:

  1. Phillip Sims left Alabama for a number of “unknown” reasons.
  2. Jeff Driskel left UF due to that they never developed him further as a QB and left him out to dry. He went to Lousiana Tech and we saw what he could really do.
  3. Gunner Kiel left both LSU and ND as coaches questioned his mental toughness and desire to play the game.
  4. Max Browne left USC after losing the QB battle and transferred to Pitt when he had a mediocre season.
  5. Kyle Allen AND Kyler Murray (yeah, the Heisman winner) both left Texas A&M due to mistreatment from the Kevin Sumlin coaching staff. Juggling between the two both with playing and egos is why Allen left for Houston and Kyler to OU.
  6. Blake Barnett left Bama after they won a CFB Championship due to playing time and wound up at ASU. He then left ASU due to playing time and ended up at USF.
  7. Jacob Easton left UGA after Fromm Mania took over and Easton went from the SEC to the PAC-12 to become Jake Browning’s predecessor.
  8. Shea Patterson left Ole Miss after Huge Freeze-gate occurred in Mississippi and ended up at UM
  9. Hunter Johnson transferred to Northwestern…nerd.
  10. And now we have rumors of Justin Fields wanting to leave UGA even after playing in majority of games this season AND begging to play in the Sugar Bowl.
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And this trend is going to continue for years to come, because these high caliber players want to go to the big name programs, which is understandable. But when to show up on campus and no longer get the treatment like you did in high school, and have to sit behind the starter for a season or two, don’t complain.

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So, to wrap this old man rant up and get back to Bowl SZN, this Fields story is gonna carry throughout the rest of the season, and when the Bulldogs play in the Sugar Bowl, all of the questions, win or lose, is gonna be about Fields. Yes, Fromm is the future for the Bulldogs after he lead them to great back-to-back seasons, but that doesn’t mean he will stay all 4 seasons. I personally believe that he is QB1 next year for the draft, and if the cards fall into place, he could leave early. If this happened then Fields wold have the reigns to a top-tier team in the country instead of wasting a year transferring to a lower team.

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