On the banks of the Red Cedar, the Spartans of Michigan State unveiled these…gems.

These are bad. Neon is awful. I get PTSD from summer after summer of working at a hockey camp and chasing kids wearing neon clothing. Nothing looks good in neon and part of growing up is realizing that.


These uniforms are GREAT deflection. Brian Lewerke and Rocky Lombardi are both back at QB for State. Who is going to have the time to bitch and complain about the offense playing with their thumbs for three hours (four if the game is on FOX) when they’re busy fighting about whether these uniforms look good?

Instead of my great friends here at the U asking why Brian Lewerke is 6-26 for 30 yards or some stupid shit like that, they’ll be asking me why we’re wearing neon uniforms. For that, I will be forever grateful to Nike.

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