Baker is back in the mainstream media once again, and oh boy is it for good reason after Baker was invited onto one of the worst sports talk shows in the entire universe, “The Herd with Colin Cowherd”.

In the past few months, Colin has not been the biggest fan of Baker’s and even labeled him “Undraftable”. (Spoiler: He went Number 1 overall. I don’t even think I’d select Colin Cowherd first overall for a “Who got the most bullied in high school” contest.) This is where Baker would start his ass whooping on Colin:

And then, the interview began. Colin started off with all the fake questions and tried to be as nice to Baker as possible, but then he brought up one specific play. A play in which baker had thrown his 4th TD of the game and after scoring, he decided to run over to the visitor stands and band and hype them up. Colin saw this differently and was calling him a bad teammate and was finding any reason to try to mark down points for the Anti-Baker Team.

So, after chalking that argument up as an L for Colin, he then decides to bring up Baker’s arrest and quotes “As a general rule, I don’t like seeing my quarterbacks on police videos”. Since when in the hell have you become our draft guide, Colin? This is the same guy who said that the Giants taking one of the best running backs to come out of college ever is “The worse mistake the Giants will ever make” and that “Sam Darnold will become a Better QB than 99.9% of all NFL QB’s ever.”

.@bakermayfield defends himself against @ColinCowherd‘s two main criticisms of him

— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) June 21, 2018

(Start At 2:00 for Baker’s Arrest Video)

Baker just comes right on back at Colin’s face with the greatest answer he could have possibly given for that video and his arrest and completely shuts Colin down.

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My favorite quote from this is when Colin brings up the crotch grab from the Kansas OU game and asks him why? Baker states that “Have you played football past high school? Football is a violent, competitive game… I’ve definitely learned from it. I wasn’t a franchise quarterback then. I’m hoping to be one in the future.”

A Complete Body Bag…

RIP Colin Cowherd

January 6th, 1964-June 21st, 2018

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