A lot of people loved and hated my last one… So with the official college “offseason” starting, I’m gonna be cranking these out weekly. In my last one, a few (hundreds) of VT fans called me out for saying Garnet and Orange…. Hands up that’s on me. I was also called out by Texas fans for including A&M and not UT. Well…. F*** Texas, Horns Down, Tom Herman blows and Gig’em. (I will say, Austin is a very nice city though.. so you have that). Let’s trigger some more college fans and jump on into my list.

Clemson: Howard’s Rock/Running Down The Hill

“The Most Exciting 25 Seconds of College Football”

Oh boy, the first time I saw this on college game day back in 2013, I got chills. I remember asking myself “Why are they loading up into buses to go around the stadium?”. Well, they showed me. Clemson play’s in “Death Valley”, where team’s come to die. Howard’s Rock is a gift from Steven Jones (Not Related) to legendary coach Frank Howard in 1966, and it has been sitting in Death Valley ever since. If I was an opposing ACC team and had to watch this happen live, I’m gonna check for a pulse and pick up my jaw from off the floor:

Image result for clemson running down the hill gif

Colorado: Ralphie’s Run

I’d like to meet the guy who suggested “Hey, let’s let a live BUFFALO run all over the field before games… you know, for morale.” How much more Bad ass can Colorado be? Live mascots are the best thing in college sports, and ill be damned if you try to tell me that Ralphie isn’t the most adorable yet terrifying thing. If I was one of those handler’s, I’d be having the time of my life. Running along side a 1200 lb buffalo while thousands scream and get hyped for a football game? Sign me up.

Florida: Tom Petty Tribute

While I was born in ’99, I do love myself some Tom Petty. This happened shortly after his death, and it brought my mom, a Die-Hard Petty fan, to tears. This Tribute to the Gainesville’s own is an amazing video and even more amazing tribute. Getting 50,000+ people to sign is a beautiful thing, but unite those people over Tom Petty’s “Wont Back Down” and you will get chills.

RIP Tom Petty 1950-2017.

Oregon: Duck On A Harley

Motorcycle: CHECK


American Flag looks as beautiful as ever: CHECK


Army/Navy Game:

Now, while this isn’t exactly an entrance or tradition, I remember watching this video while waiting for the Army Navy game to start (Go Army, Beat Navy) and it was one of the best videos I have ever seen. Having family and friends serving in our military, I couldn’t help but just think about them when this came one. It gives chills and brings a new-found respect to the Army and Navy academies. It shows that it is more than just a game, but it is a brotherhood. These men will be fighting alongside over seas or at home, and this football game is just part of the bonds that they have created. As said in the video “It’s the only game where everyone playing in it is willing to die for the people watching it.”

Bonus: One Shining Moment Videos

Sliced Bread >>>>> March Madness

Nova swept the tourney, and sadly our favorite month of the year has passed us. But with it, it leaves the greatest of sports videos. One Shining Moment. Enjoy.


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